April27,2022 – ONSEMI (NASDAQ: on), which is ahead of smart power and smart sensing technology, will launch a series of new power solutions at PCIM Europe held in Nuremberg, Germany, from May 10 to 12, 2022.

On site demonstrations of the latest technologies will be presented at the PCIM Europe booth to show how these technologies can enable the development of market-leading electric vehicles, energy storage, intelligent power and other solutions. One of the wonderful demonstrations included a student formula e car and an electric motorcycle jointly developed with the Technical University of Munich. In addition, ansenmey will also exhibit an electric vehicle charger from kempower, which uses ansenmey’s SiC diode and a warehouse robot with ecospin.

Felicity Carson, chief marketing officer of ansenmey, said: “we are very happy to return to the PCIM Europe physical exhibition to show many products that can solve the latest challenges of energy infrastructure, communication and electric vehicles. We work with partners and customers to further demonstrate the new practical application of our technology.”

Ansenmey will release a new power bundle to charge usb-c power supply (usb-c PD) above 100 W, using ncp1623, ncp1345 and ncp4307. These devices are part of the very successful critical conduction mode power factor correction (PFC), high frequency quasi resonance (QR) and synchronous rectifier controller series. The release of the new usb-c controller will further expand the usb-c product family.

Ansenmey is one of the leading enterprises in the silicon carbide (SIC) field. It will launch a variety of new SiC power switching devices with stronger performance than previous generations. The 650 V, 33 m Ω SiC mosfetntbl045n065sc1 in the first toll package has smaller footprint, smaller space and lower package inductance than D2Pak 7lead. The first 650 V, 33 m Ω SiC MOSFET in toll package provides Kelvin source configuration to improve switching loss and gate noise and ensure humidity sensitivity level 1 (msl1). Compared with the previous generation of silicon devices, SiC devices have obvious advantages, including higher energy efficiency at high frequency, lower electromagnetic interference (EMI), higher operating temperature and higher reliability. Ansenmey is the only supplier with the ability to vertically integrate SiC solutions, including SiC ingot growth, substrate, epitaxy, device manufacturing, best in class integration modules and discrete packaging solutions.

Finally, ansenmey will demonstrate the 7th generation IGBT and diode for the first time. The latest 1200 V fs7 IGBT reduces the forward bias voltage by 20% compared with the previous generation, greatly improving the energy efficiency and power density of motor control applications. The company will also launch the fast version fs7 IGBT, which will be used for the application of medium and high switching frequencies such as solar energy, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and energy storage, and the switching loss will be reduced by 50%. The fs7 product portfolio has been further expanded, including the introduction of 750 V and 1200 V ve tractmdirect compliance schemes, which have excellent robustness, soft switching and high energy efficiency to meet the needs of today’s electric vehicle drivers.

Ansenmey’s technical staff will deliver several keynote speeches at PCIM Europe, including SiC technology at the poster conference, power electronics technology at the industry forum, electric vehicle forum and exhibitor forum.

To register to visit PCIM Europe 2022, please visit https://pcim.mesago.com/events/en.html 。 Ansenmey’s booth at PCIM is at booth 330, hall 9.

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Landing page: https://www.onsemi.cn/company/events/tradeshows/pcim-europe-2022

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