November 8, 2021 – ONSEMI (NASDAQ: on), which is ahead of intelligent power supply and intelligent sensing technology, is holding a series of online live broadcasts of power supply to discuss the advantages and pain points of different schemes in practical application with in-depth lectures on power technology and practice, so as to solve some of the most urgent challenges of power efficiency faced by engineers today, And optimize system performance.

This series of live broadcasts in Mandarin is held every Friday in November, involving different aspects such as power factor, modeling, simulation, verification, LLC resonance and synchronous rectification. Each online live broadcast has one or two topics to facilitate power engineers to choose to participate in the live broadcast most related to their design requirements.

The first live broadcast held on November 5 received positive feedback from power engineers. In this live broadcast, engineers learned about the spice modeling method of new physical and scalable modern power electronic devices for power electronic semiconductors (including wide band gap devices), the use of physical and scalable simulation models to evaluate parameters and application results, and discussed with power experts how to optimize the design to meet the requirements.

There will be three live broadcasts:

  November 12: control loop design and simple verification method; Analysis, simulation and experiment pave the way for success

The live broadcast will discuss two topics. In the design of switching power supply, loop control is an essential part. The first topic will introduce a simple method to measure and optimize the control loop of switching system. The second topic will introduce some currently available tools for engineers to calculate, simulate and measure prototypes before starting production.

November 19: introduce LLC resonant converter; Realize synchronous rectification

The first live topic will discuss the LLC topology for medium and high power resonant mode converter power supply to provide high energy efficiency and high power density for mass-produced electronic equipment. The second topic will outline all phenomena involved in synchronous rectification and introduce in detail the different waveforms of each technology application used in synchronous rectification controller.

November 26: three phase power factor correction (PFC) for 10 kW industrial and automotive applications

The live broadcast will cover the practical aspects of hardware and software of three-phase PFC Converters for high-power industrial and automotive applications.

Online playback: the completed online live broadcast will be played back in the company’s video library

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