The news about Reza’s fire in N3 building of nake factory on March 19 has not been quiet yet. Today, another accident occurred.

On April 21, the official website of Renesas Electronics announced that at 16:29 Japanese time, smoke was generated from the power panel of the rail vehicle (RGV) located in the basement of N3 building (300mm line) of Naka factory. After the smoke started, Reza’s employees immediately put out the smoke. There were no casualties in this incident.

According to Renesas, after confirmation by the fire department and maintenance of the power panel causing smoke, production on the first and second floors of N3 has resumed at 20:00 JST time.
Reza also said that the smoking place is different from the fire point on March 19. The cause is currently under investigation. It is estimated that it is a power system problem. However, since the smoking point is outside the clean room, the temporary suspension will not affect the previously announced production and shipment estimates.
It is understood that after the accident in March, the Japanese government called on domestic and foreign semiconductor equipment manufacturers to work together to restore the production capacity of Renesas as soon as possible. On April 19, Renesas electronics held a press conference and said that since April 17, N3 building has resumed production, but the production capacity is less than 10% compared with that before the fire. According to Renesas electronics, our goal is to restore the capacity to 30% by the end of this week, 50% by the end of April and 100% by the end of May.
Today’s accident is no different from another crisis for Renesas, which is recovering its production capacity. For the entire supply chain, the shortage of chips may be more serious in the future.

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