Anmou Technology (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Amou Technology”) and Horizon Robot Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Horizon”) announced that the two parties will deepen cooperation in the fields of high-performance autonomous driving chips and smart car ecosystems. Based on Arm Technology’s large computing power, high-performance computing platform and Arm IP technology, combined with Horizon’s leading autonomous driving algorithm and automotive smart chip development capabilities, jointly promote the development of smart car technology.

As the core of smart cars, automotive smart chips have entered the era of large computing power. Facing the industrial common demand for computing power, algorithms and safety put forward by intelligent driving, ARM Technology relies on its self-developed large computing power and high-performance computing platform to intelligently integrate NPU, SPU, ISP, VPU and other computing units, Combined with leading Arm IP technology, it helps domestic automotive chip manufacturers to form advantages in artificial intelligence, image processing, information security, and intelligent driving platform construction, and provides underlying support for the development of domestic intelligent driving technology.

Dr. Liu Renchen, co-CEO of Anmou Technology, said: “Smart cars are the strategic direction of the development of my country’s automobile industry and the highland of core key technologies. As the largest chip design IP development and service provider in China, Anmou Technology is committed to developing from technology to ecology Comprehensively promote the computing power revolution and empower local industry innovation. I am very grateful to Horizon for its recognition of our self-developed product technology innovation, which is also an important prerequisite for us to reach a consensus and establish further cooperation in the field of smart cars.”

Horizon is the first chip company in China to launch a car-grade AI chip and achieve pre-installed mass production. The shipment volume of the Horizon Journey series chips has exceeded one million pieces, and they are widely installed in the star models of many mainstream car manufacturers. Since 2019, Horizon has maintained the rhythm of launching a generation of high-performance autonomous driving chips every year. The third-generation car-grade product Journey 5 has both high performance and large computing power. The AI ​​​​computing power of a single chip can reach up to 128TOPS, which is the first in China. A car-grade AI chip developed based on the ISO 26262 functional safety process will be installed on flagship models of FAW Hongqi, BYD, Ziyoujia and other brands. In addition, Horizon has innovatively launched the open source and open real-time operating system TogetherOS, which combines the chip with the OS to build an innovative vehicle-mounted digital dock, injecting strong impetus into the fast development of the smart car era.

Dr. Yu Kai, the founder and chief scientist of Horizon, said: “The rapid development of automobile intelligence has brought a golden opportunity. As the digital engine of smart cars, automotive smart chips are the key to the decisive transformation of automobile intelligence, which is of great significance. Security As the largest chip design IP development and service provider in China, Mou Technology will unremittingly promote the ecologicalization of Arm IP technology and empower the chip design industry. In the future, we will work together to give full play to our respective core advantages and build an open collaboration based on automotive smart chips. The innovation ecology helps to accelerate the pace of intelligentization of automobiles.”

Reviewing editor: Peng Jing

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