On May 19, Shanghai municipal Party committee and Shanghai municipal government held a Shanghai Science and technology award conference in the central hall of Shanghai Exhibition Center, solemnly commending the scientific and technological workers who have made outstanding contributions to Shanghai’s scientific and technological innovation and economic and social development in 2019. The project of “independent FPGA R & D and industrialization based on mixed granularity logic structure” independently completed by Shanghai Anlu technology won the third prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award in 2019.

This project has independently developed FPGA hardware system architecture based on mixed granularity logic unit, complete FPGA whole process software tool chain matching with hardware structure, and chip test platform with international industrial standards. It has achieved a series of achievements integrating theory, technology and products, achieved major breakthroughs and a number of technological innovations, and solved the problems of high design efficiency, low cost, low cost and low cost High speed basic unit structure, slow running speed of traditional logic synthesis method, small space for optimal solution search and other technical problems, aiming at the efficient and dynamic implementation of data stream computing hardware in widely used scenarios; It breaks through the development difficulties such as the overall structure design of the chip, the design of programmable high-speed I / O interface supporting multi voltage and multi standard, the modeling and verification of high reliability, the software development of balance performance and routing rate, and the test vector development of high coverage.

The core technology of this project has obtained a number of intellectual property certificates, and its industrialized independent FPGA chip and matching whole process software have been applied in mass production in many fields, such as industrial control, communication, consumer electronics, etc., which has greatly promoted and improved the technical innovation and management level of domestic industrial chain. At the same time, it has been applied to the National University design competition, which has enhanced the confidence of college students in using domestic FPGA chips and software, and promoted the wide application of domestic FPGA chips and software in the competition works.

The Shanghai Municipal Science and technology award is set up by the Shanghai Municipal People’s government. It focuses on the major scientific and technological achievements in scientific discovery and original innovation of technological invention, promoting the transformation of economic development mode and cultivating strategic industries, promoting urban safety and healthy ecological development, and promoting the innovation ability and economic development of districts and counties. It is one of the most valuable awards in science and technology in Shanghai.

This honor is a major affirmation of Shanghai Anlu’s scientific and technological innovation and scientific research breakthrough as well as the actual results of the project. In the future, Anlu technology will take this as the driving force, continue to increase investment in technological innovation, and promote FPGA product technology to enable more fields and more customers.

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