Recently, the first 5g smart mine in Anhui jointly built by Chuzhou Branch of Anhui Mobile and Chuzhou Zhonglian cement company was completed and put into use in Chuzhou. Through the real-time dynamic monitoring of key links in the mine production process through 5g technology, the comprehensive improvement of equipment management, personnel management and production supply chain is realized, so as to further optimize management, save cost, ensure safety, save energy and reduce consumption.

“Smoke and debris fly together, haze and the sky are the same” is the traditional mine scene. However, how to achieve the balance between development and environment is the main challenge of mine development. 5g provides an effective solution to this problem. The intelligent management platform is established based on 5g technology. With the help of the large bandwidth and low delay characteristics of 5g network, the three-dimensional visual reserve model of the management platform can accurately identify the ore grade of explosive pile and intelligently proportion the cement consumption, reduce the waste of mineral resources, save more than 20% of production cost, and control the ore at a relatively stable grade, It reduces the waste of mineral resources.

Anhui Mobile successfully built the first 5g smart mine

Safety production has always been the top priority in the mine production process. After 5g network coverage, equipped with high-definition AI camera, infrared thermal imaging and remote pager UAV, it can seamlessly patrol and monitor all corners of the mine a few minutes before blasting, greatly reduce the incidence of safety accidents and plug in high-tech “wings” for daily patrol safety.

In addition, through the full coverage of mining areas and transportation roads of the Internet of things, 5g intelligent spray dust suppression system can accurately provide the best transportation route and ore type for excavators and dump trucks in the mining area, and can also visually monitor driving behavior, which can not only fully grasp the production situation in the mining area, but also facilitate safe production management. A large amount of dust usually occurs during production and transportation in the mining area. As long as the concentration of dust (PM2.5) in the mining area exceeds 100, the spray dust suppression system in the mining area will automatically start dust reduction through induction.

Using the intelligent management platform, the operator can complete the control of mine safety production, ecological environment protection, optimal allocation of resources and other aspects by clicking the mouse in the control room. In the future, the smart mine will be more intelligent through in-depth cooperation with operators and in-depth coverage of 5g network.

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