Recently, Master Lu’s intelligent hardware launched a Rudan data cable, which claims to truly integrate Apple lightning and Android micro interfaces.

According to master Lu, the Ludan data line adopts a fully tinned copper core, which generates a protective film on the surface of the copper core to resist corrosion and oxidation. And after testing, after long-term use, the over-current efficiency of tinned copper core is 30% higher than that of pure copper core.

The pin pin of Ludan data line adopts 15 μ The gold plated pin pin refuses the oxidation and rust of the plug, while most other data lines in the market have only 3 μ gold-plated. So 15 μ It can greatly improve the current conduction efficiency, make the charging faster, and support the maximum 3A current.

In addition, Ludan data cable has passed the certification and is perfectly compatible with IOS 10. The supported devices include iPhone 7/7 plus, iPhone 6/6s plus, iPhone 5/5s, iPad 4, ipad Mini 1/2/3/4, iPad air/ai2 and iPad pro.

There is no threshold for Android. As long as it is a micro USB interface device, it is supported in theory. Of course, do not try USB type-C, which is not supported.

At present, the data line has been pre sold at a price of 39.9 yuan, and the official price in the future is 45 yuan.

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