Connectors are used in almost all electronic products, and small bodies play an important role. However, people in the connector industry know that the sales volume of Molex brand connectors in the market is not hot. One of the most important reasons is that its price is not cheap. Many buyers plan to exceed the budget because of its price, so they usually choose connectors that are weaker in performance but much cheaper in price. In this way, the performance of Molex connectors is very dominant in the connector industry. Plug in the world network to explain the performance analysis and basic knowledge of Molex connector.

Electrical performance of Molex connector advantages

1. The main electrical properties of Molex connector include grounding insulation resistance, contact resistance and electrical strength. Generally, high-quality Molex connectors should have low and stable contact resistance. Secondly, the electrical strength or withstand voltage strength of Molex connector is the ability to withstand the rated test voltage between the connector and the shell.

Analyze the advantages of connectors made by Molex

Environmental performance of Molex connector advantages

2. The environmental performance of Molex connector mainly refers to its environmental bearing capacity. The measurement indexes of Molex connector are moisture resistance, impact resistance and so on. Moisture resistance, that is, the degree of moisture resistance, refers to that after the wet gas enters the connector, the insulation performance of the connector connected to Molex connector will be reduced and the metal parts and components inside the connector will be corroded. The moisture resistance of Molex connector is 90% ~ 95% of the relative humidity, up to 98%. The service life at this humidity is 96 consecutive hours. Heat resistance, that is, the level of ambient temperature that can be withstood.

Mechanical properties of Molex connector advantages

3. The mechanical performance of Molex connector mainly depends on whether the use of force during insertion and extraction will damage the service life of the connector itself. The mechanical life of Molex connector is an important index of the mechanical performance of the connector. When using Molex connector, inserting and pulling out the connector within the rated force range can effectively reduce the connector failure and prolong the service life of Molex connector.

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