Recently, I believe everyone has seen that the U.S. Department of Commerce once again proposed to change the export rules, especially naming the semiconductor industry. Simply speaking, as long as American technology is used in products or services, Tonghua needs to be approved by the United States for doing business with the United States. It even said that if there is a threat to the United States, it will be included in the physical list, which is basically a naked competition for the technological highland! The precise strike has made the capital market jittery. On Monday, most of the listed companies in Huawei’s industrial chain also closed down. In the following articles, Mr. Cai led you to briefly sort out the upstream and downstream of the semiconductor industry, look at the gap in the domestic industrial chain from the perspective of investment, and hope that you will not only focus on the capital gains of investment, but also invest in the future of China’s industry.

The core of semiconductor industry is integrated circuit (chip can be understood as miniaturized integrated circuit), and the production process of integrated circuit is basically divided into three links: design, manufacturing and packaging test; To put it simply, Huawei Hisilicon is a company with chip design capability, and the manufacturing link is SMIC. However, the sealing and testing is relatively low in technical barriers, and domestic enterprises are relatively mature, such as Changdian technology and Huatian technology.

Since there are corresponding companies in the industrial chain, why do you worry about being stuck in the United States? In essence, the domestic industrial chain lacks complete support. For example, the chip design has Hisilicon, but EDA software is still used; Chip manufacturing has SMIC international, but it needs to have advanced process lithography machines and electronic auxiliary materials. Many of the key points of these auxiliary materials are domestic weaknesses, and even the technology is extremely scarce. This paper briefly introduces the current situation of EDA software industry.

Full name of EDA software: electronic design automation software; It is conceivable that such a complex work of chip design cannot be manual drawing design, which requires extremely advanced software to assist, and EDA is such a professional industrial software; The overall domestic industrial software is weak for many reasons: late start, lack of talents, intellectual property environment, application environment and so on. However, the leading EDA software companies in China, such as Huada Jiutian and core vision, are mainly the new generation of students in the research institutes of central enterprises and universities. At present, the tools for individual design links in the EDA field are relatively mature, but the overall strength is very weak.

The major suppliers of EDA software in the international market are all from the United States (and Siemens, Germany, has acquired an American company). Although the market size is only a few billion dollars, which is very small compared with the semiconductor industry with a scale of 100 billion dollars, its role is indeed very critical. However, the difficulty now is not only that there is no replacement of the same level software in China, but even if domestic EDA software appears later, it is very difficult to enter the industrial chain, Because EDA software has an application environment, for example, the chips designed by the EDA software of American thinktech can smoothly get the drawings to TSMC for production. Both parameters and details go through a long time of running in. This kind of running in takes time. The back-end of chip design is actually more about communication and design with the manufacturer. After all, it is not possible to design a back-end chip that cannot be produced, which is of little significance, Therefore, it is very difficult to find a solution if EDA software is prohibited.

Is it true that as latecomers, we will have no chance if we miss the critical development period? no Although domestic substitution is difficult, there is no way out; Personal simple suggestions: first, establish an atmosphere of intellectual property protection, and strictly enforce rewards and punishments (don’t have the “Hanxin incident” again, and it’s unclear how many people with lofty ideals have been rewarded and punished, and how many speculators have been corrupted); 2、 Put an end to non professional guidance. The national system has advantages but not everything works. Artistic and creative things are really not suitable for the national system (if it is really effective, football would have won the championship long ago); 3、 Industrial support, although it is not recommended to be wholly-owned by central enterprises and state-owned enterprises, it needs the support of funds and resources; 4、 Industrial integration, strengthen international cooperation and participation, and the future is the future of connectivity. No matter what others do, domestic industrial companies must actively participate in international industrial cooperation and learn advanced technology with a low profile; 5、 Although it is impossible to purchase the whole, it can try to conduct industrial M & A and share holding for design enterprises at key nodes,; Finally, we should pay attention to talents, develop in many aspects, and improve technology is the king way!

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