The special project of VLSI manufacturing equipment and complete process, referred to as IC equipment for short, belongs to the electronic information sector. The main task of the special project is to achieve a breakthrough in IC manufacturing core equipment and manufacturing technology and support the development of China’s IC industry.

The IC equipment project is organized and implemented by Beijing and Shanghai. It is the only major project organized and implemented by local governments. Through the establishment of a series of innovative management systems, local governments can give full play to their role, guide the accumulation of resources and improve the industrial environment. At the same time, pay attention to innovative investment mechanism and guide diversified investment.

Analysis on the current situation of IC manufacturing core equipment and manufacturing process in China

Before the implementation of the special project, all equipment and supporting materials of the pre IC manufacturing process and the sealed and tested production line basically rely on imports, which seriously restricts the industrial development. To this end, the special project puts forward the purpose of “mastering core technologies, developing key products and supporting industrial development”, pays attention to overall design, long-term layout, key breakthroughs and building systems, and puts forward the strategic goal of cultivating a number of “world-class enterprises” to achieve synchronous development with the world.

During the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the special project focused on the systematic layout of 65-45 nanotechnology generations and made innovative breakthroughs. The “12 inch 65nm gate etcher” developed by Beijing North microelectronics company and the “12 inch ion implanter” developed by Beijing Zhongkexin company have been assessed in SMIC international production line, and the indicators have reached the level of similar foreign products. The “12 inch 65nm dielectric etcher” developed by Shanghai Zhongwei semiconductor company has sold more than 20 orders to Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. The step projection lithography developed by Shanghai microelectronics equipment company has successfully entered the advanced packaging production line of Jiangyin Changdian, realizing a major breakthrough in China’s lithography products.

Major breakthroughs have also been made in the process of IC equipment. The “65nm low leakage product process” independently developed by SMIC has achieved mass production, and the 45nm process is preparing for mass production. Shanghai Huahong, Hongli and Wuxi China resources have realized the industrialization cluster development of a number of characteristic product processes, as well as specially developed components and material products.

In the process of organization and implementation, the special project has made an attempt to innovate the mechanism, and put forward a new assessment method of “market assessment of products, application assessment technology and whole machine assessment of components”. And gained experience in the special implementation of the “national system”: organize the “big corps” of multi sectoral and multi regional joint research around the industrial chain, and systematically organize the project implementation. Among them, the project “application engineering of sealing and testing key equipment and materials” relies on the leading packaging factory and cooperates with dozens of sealing and testing equipment and material manufacturers in China to successfully develop 23 kinds of key sealing and testing equipment and 5 kinds of sealing and testing materials such as loading machine and bonding machine in two years, conduct strict mass production assessment, and truly meet the technical requirements of large-scale production line after multiple rounds of improvement, Realize the localization of the industrial chain.

At present, more than 10000 scientific and technological personnel have participated in the IC equipment project, of which middle and senior R & D personnel account for 52%. The project also attracted 195 overseas returnees and teams with high-end product development experience and international market operation ability. Among them, 22 overseas high-level talents were introduced through the “thousand talents plan”, which greatly improved the domestic R & D capacity and industrialization level.

In addition, among the 58 projects launched in the eleventh five year plan, 40 were led by enterprises, accounting for 69% of the total, reflecting the purpose of building an innovation system with enterprises as the main body. A total of 4248 patents have been applied for, including 3667 invention patents and 384 authorized invention patents.

The IC equipment project also pays attention to giving play to the leading role of industry. Due to the similar basic process principles, IC manufacturing technology also radiates and drives the rapid development of solar cells, LED lighting, TFTLCD display screen and other industries, which plays an important role in promoting China’s strategic emerging industries and realizing industrial structure adjustment.

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