1、 Program overview

The development process of education informatization, from the initial hardware construction, network construction, solved the “car” and “road” problems, to the specific “pull what goods”, application is gradually put on the important position of education informatization construction.

Analysis on the characteristics and application scheme of sannce system in education industry

The application of information technology to teaching is complex and diverse, especially with the continuous improvement of hardware configuration and network bandwidth, network video communication technology has the conditions to be widely used in the field of education. With the development of information technology, network teaching mode appears and has been widely used. At first, network teaching still stayed in the era of text, and its concept is actually an expansion of “Correspondence Teaching”. The educatee can obtain learning materials through the network for self-study, but it can not be regarded as real teaching in form, can not replace classroom teaching, and is at best a beneficial supplement.

Only when the network video technology of two-way interactive mode is developed, can distance teaching give full play to its strong social significance. This system basically simulates various elements of classroom teaching, and the difference between the two is almost the same in result, but it is much more convenient in form.

Sannce emphasizes the full application of network video communication technology to all aspects of education and teaching, breaking the division of classrooms, school walls, and the distance between districts, and developing an overall solution of network video communication education integrating campus security, distance education, video conference, real-time office, live broadcast on demand, home school interaction, etc.

This program not only brings about the embodiment of information technology in education and teaching, but also brings about a variety of changes in educational ideas, educational model innovation and educational practice.

2、 System planning

Powerful data function

Just as blackboard and projector are needed in class, knowledge can’t be explained clearly only by speaking. It must be completed with various words, drawings or multimedia courseware. In the distance teaching, the role of data is particularly important. Through the function of data sharing, educators can easily send any courseware in the computer to each educatee’s computer desktop through video stream, with no quality defect, fast response speed and synchronous speech and operation. With the help of the writing board, the writing on the electronic whiteboard can achieve the same purpose as the blackboard.

Real time recording for review

The system provides the mode of synchronous video recording, recording the teacher’s voice and image, electronic whiteboard, data screen sharing, text chat and interface layout. That is to say, all the things that the students see at that time will be stored in the local computer without reservation, which is convenient for learners to review and use in the future.

High definition video, clear at a glance

When the teacher in the main lecture room is in class, the on-site information is transmitted to the video server through the streaming video acquisition / compression workstation. The system can provide 1000K / 1024 * 768 / 25frame high-definition and realistic video real-time teaching stream. Even under the narrow band of ADSL, the system can also provide clear and undamaged images and smooth sound, which meets the learning needs. The vivid and realistic teaching effect is completely satisfied Learn to restore on the spot.

Raise your hand to ask questions and conduct on-site assessment

In addition to emphasizing the various means required by “teaching”, the system deeply understands the teaching rules and also conducts a lot of research and settings on “learning”. For example, in the process of teaching, if students have questions, they can click the question button to the teacher and speak with the teacher’s permission. At this time, all other students can also see and hear the person’s questions.

The system also embedded in the field assessment module, teachers can prepare questions, such as multiple-choice questions, fill in the blank questions, question and answer questions, especially the multiple-choice questions can be counted immediately after the students submit the answers, and the results can be analyzed.

3、 Application mode


The office management under the three-level structure of Municipal Education Bureau District Education Bureau school is the daily needs of the operation of educational institutions. The emergence of various education management systems has solved the problem of business information flow, but in daily management, the telephone calls and meetings between the superior and the subordinate are still open, which in fact does not solve the problem of communication. Through the sannce video conference system, the meeting between the director and the school principals can be held in the office without delay.

Teaching and research

Advocating “three research”, namely scientific research, teaching research and moral research, is more suitable to be carried out in the whole district or the whole city, and exchange experience between schools and regions, so as to achieve the goal of common progress. In order not to become a mere formality and to regularize activities, sannce network communication platform will play a key role at this time. Collective lesson preparation and resource sharing make it easier for teachers to learn from each other and improve together.

Resource sharing

Due to the imbalance of China’s regional development, many resources are mainly concentrated in key cities, while remote areas are relatively weak. The society endows every educatee with fair rights. The emergence of distance network teaching has found an effective way to solve this problem. Through an Internet cable, children in remote mountainous areas can simultaneously participate in the teaching of special grade teachers in key schools in cities. At the same time, through observation, teachers in mountainous schools can learn and improve their teaching ability.

Campus security

Each school has security monitoring measures. Through the powerful integration technology of sannce, the security work of each school can be connected into a district. If an emergency occurs in a school, it can be quickly reported to the competent department through the alarm settings, and the coping strategies can be quickly studied.

In addition to completing the teaching task, one of the important tasks of the school classroom is to realize the place for students’ academic assessment. In order to reflect the fairness, justice and openness of the examination, and to establish an examination and selection environment with equal opportunities, remote video monitoring of the examination room is one of the effective means.

Home school connection

Now, broadband has been rapidly popularized in the family, even the family level bandwidth is enough to meet the needs of network video communication, which makes the form of parents’ meeting can also be transferred from gathering to school to online. In addition, through the platform, communication channels between parents and teachers can be established. Parents can often understand children’s situation in school with teachers, and face-to-face discuss children’s personality characteristics, so as to formulate the education strategy of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, and better combine family education with school education.

4、 Overall structure

5、 Typical cases

The picture shows the education industry monitoring with sannce system

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