Artificial intelligence, abbreviated as AI. It is a new technical science to research and develop the theory, method, technology and application system for simulating, extending and expanding human intelligence.

Since the birth of artificial intelligence, its theory and technology have become increasingly mature, and its application fields have also been expanding. It can be imagined that the scientific and technological products brought by artificial intelligence in the future will be the “container” of human intelligence. Artificial intelligence can simulate the information process of human consciousness and thinking.

Analysis of training methods since the birth of artificial intelligence

The meaning of artificial intelligence is more extensive. The intelligence of industrial robot is also called “artificial intelligence”. When industrial robot is endowed with intelligence, its energy will be infinite.

China’s Ministry of human resources and social security, the General Administration of market supervision and the National Bureau of Statistics recently jointly released 16 new jobs, including intelligent manufacturing engineering and technical personnel, among which artificial intelligence trainers are among them.

Artificial intelligence trainer is a new profession with the wide application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology in recent years. Their work includes solution design, algorithm optimization, data annotation and so on.

Russian satellite news agency interviewed Xu canhao, associate professor of School of computer science and technology of Soochow University, about the work content and role of AI trainers.

“For example, artificial intelligence for autonomous driving needs to recognize traffic signs on the road,” Xu said. A traffic sign is an inverted triangle, which represents giving way. But the inverted triangle logo will have differences in different images, sometimes there will be some color difference or angle difference in color or contrast. At this time, we need thousands or even tens of thousands of photos. Through AI trainers, we can tell AI that although the inverted triangle signs on these photos have different colors, angles, brightness and contrast, they all represent giving way. “

According to the notice issued by the Ministry of human resources and social security of China, AI trainers are defined as those who use intelligent training software to perform database management, algorithm parameter setting, human-computer interaction design, performance test tracking and other auxiliary operations in the actual use of AI products.

Analysis of training methods since the birth of artificial intelligence

Russian direct investment fund in Russia to use artificial intelligence to diagnose COVID-19 © The main task of fotolia / jpc-prod artificial intelligence trainer is to label and process the original data of image, text, voice and other business; Analyze and refine the characteristics of professional fields, train and evaluate the algorithms, functions and performance of AI products; Design the interaction process and application solution of AI products; Monitor, analyze and manage the application data of AI products.

But why can’t the work of training artificial intelligence be completed by the Engineer in charge of developing artificial intelligence? Xu canhao explained that the work of artificial intelligence trainer is to make the algorithm designed by Artificial Intelligence Engineer more accurate through training, which is closer to people’s conception and needs of this artificial intelligence.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is novel coronavirus pneumonia. “For example, when people fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, we know that some CT images represent the infection of new crown pneumonia. We will extract these characteristics and tell us what kind of characteristics are typical. And if we improve it from the perspective of algorithm, even if our current algorithm has some self enlightening ability, it is still a long way from maturity. ” Go back to Sohu to see more

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