About 73 years ago, several very creative engineers invented the computer. Since then, mankind has entered a new era. The computer has become an existence second only to the human brain. In the world of human brain, the hippocampus is responsible for storage and learning, while in the computer, memory is the “hippocampus” of the computer. It can be said that the performance of memory directly affects the comprehensive performance of the computer and is an indispensable part. There are also many kinds of computers, such as quantum computers and biological computers. The author of this paper mainly explains how the memory in the electronic computer works.

Memory, as the name suggests, is a device used to store computer instructions and data. It is generally a circuit composed of electromagnetic components and many electronic devices to achieve the purpose of storage. There are usually magnetic core memory, magnetic disk and hard disk. These are used for storage, but the application scenarios are different. Judging the quality of memory is the storage speed and capacity, which are related to many factors. The information in the computer, whether input or output, should be saved in the memory. When it is used, it is necessary to take out the information. Because the memory is a circuit composed of many devices, it can’t work normally without power.

There are many kinds of memory, but there are many commonalities. For example, the smallest storage unit of memory is a bistable semiconductor circuit. Of course, there are also a CMOS transistor or magnetic material storage element. The increase of storage capacity is actually the superposition of storage circuits. Many memories form more storage nodes. In this way, the increase of the amount of stored data may slow down the storage speed, which itself is a contradictory complex. Taking dynamic read-write memory as an example, it is a kind of memory widely used at present. It is characterized by high speed, high integration, low power consumption, etc. its working principle is different from static. It memorizes information by charging and discharging internal parasitic capacitors. The control of capacitor charge is like the disconnection of diodes, so it is very suitable for digital circuits.

Another key point of the so-called dynamic memory is that each chip has only one input data line, and there can be many address pins. It makes full use of the column latch and decoding circuit to store the information calculated by the chip. The type of memory determines the operation and performance of the whole embedded system. Customers need to consider a lot when selecting memory, including cost and performance, the type of chip, memory unit, etc. These are the external factors of memory performance.

The domestic storage market is developing rapidly, and China is one of the largest memory consumption pots in the world. Manufacturers such as Samsung, micron, Western Digital and Hynix are the leaders in the memory market. In recent years, domestic storage manufacturers have a rising momentum, including memory enterprises such as Changjiang storage, Jinhua, Zhaoyi, Changxin and Ziguang. Dawning, Langchao, Dahua, Yushi and Lenovo are all major customers of memory manufacturers. Today’s memory is smaller, more integrated, and chip level memory is emerging one after another. With the progress of big data and artificial intelligence technology, edge computing has become a new demand, which has higher requirements for memory speed. Moreover, memory is the main medium for data storage in computer. With the increase of capacity, facing the changes of storage market, Choosing the most appropriate memory is the focus of many manufacturers.


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