E-marketing is an indispensable sales force in every enterprise, but the disadvantages of E-marketing in the enterprise are also very prominent, high labor costs, low work efficiency, high turnover rate of employees are a headache for enterprises. With the development of science and technology and the emergence of telephone robots, the electronic marketing industry seems to have entered a new era. The mode of telephone robots acquiring customers and developing customers has achieved unexpected results.

Compared with the telemarketers, the cost of telephone robots is lower. On average, it only costs nearly 1000 yuan per month. The salary of a basic e-marketing employee, insurance and other expenses add up to at least five or six thousand a month.

Moreover, telemarketers can make up to 200 to 300 calls a day. Due to the different attitudes of customers, their emotions fluctuate greatly, which sometimes affects the quality of the next call and even leads to the loss of customers. In the long run, employees can’t issue orders, and the turnover rate remains high.

However, this problem will not exist in the silicon-based smart phone robot. No matter how customers refuse, the phone robot can still communicate on the next call with full spirit and emotional voice. It won’t affect the quality of the next call because of the bad mood, and it won’t let the potential customers lose. Moreover, the telephone robot can dial 800 to 1000 calls a day, which is much more efficient than manual dialing.

Silicon based smart phone robot dials a large number of calls every day, judges and classifies customers according to their intentions, and selects customers with different intentions. Then, the salesperson can check the chat record and make an accurate plan according to the customer’s personality and the direction of interest. Because in this way, we can communicate with customers with high degree of intention, and the sales staff have a high understanding and pertinence of customers, so the final turnover with customers will also increase. In this way, the work efficiency of the sales staff is improved, the labor cost of the enterprise is reduced, and the turnover is increased.

So silicon based smart phone robots are so powerful, how do they work?

First of all, we need to import the phone number into the telephone robot. After creating a new outbound call task, click outbound call, and the telephone robot will start to make calls.

After that, the telephone robot makes a phone call and preliminarily judges and classifies the customers of each intention level through simple communication with customers.

At the same time, the voice and text of the call are recorded synchronously and kept in the cloud to facilitate the sales staff to follow up customers.

The most important thing is that the telephone robot is to simulate the interactive voice communication between sales elites and customers.

That’s why silicon-based smart phone robots are so attractive. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is developing faster and faster, and many enterprises have been adapting to the development of the times. They are transforming like artificial intelligence. If they don’t want to be eliminated by the times, they have to review the time and seize the opportunity! Telephone robot, telemarketing robot, telemarketing system and other intelligent artificial voice software to find silicon-based intelligence!

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