Recently, the Symposium on the supply and demand docking of automotive semiconductors and the release of the Handbook on the supply and demand docking of automotive semiconductors were held in Beijing. At the meeting, a number of experts and entrepreneurs presented their insights on the development of the current smart car industry. At the present stage, electrification, networking and intellectualization have become the development trend of the automobile industry. The demand and requirements of intelligent cockpit, automatic driving, information entertainment and other applications for semiconductors are constantly upgrading. It has become common knowledge in the industry that semiconductors are the key to support the upgrading of automobile “three modernizations”.

The development of intelligent vehicle needs the combination of software and hardware

From the first car in the world to pure electric car, intelligent control car, driverless car and even flying car, the trend of car electrification, networking and intellectualization is irresistible. Information technology provides a new opportunity for the development of the new generation of automotive electronic technology, and the new generation of automotive electronic technology is giving new vitality to intelligent vehicles.

Cars are undergoing new technological changes. Yang Shichun, Professor of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, pointed out at the seminar that at present, automotive technology has begun to replace machinery by electronics. The rapid development of information technology has promoted the vehicle cloud integration architecture based on 5g communication technology, resulting in a new generation of automotive electronic technology, realizing the end cloud architecture, digital twin and cyber physical system, It has injected new vitality into the future development of intelligent automobile industry.

Analysis of the development trend of China's intelligent vehicle industry

In addition, “intelligent space + three-dimensional transportation” may become an important development direction of automobile transportation in the future, and the transportation mode of “intelligent + new energy + flight” is expected to improve the safety, environmental protection, comprehensiveness and wisdom of transportation.

Yang Shichun believes that intelligent vehicles play a key role in data acquisition and terminal nodes. Therefore, in order to take the lead in the future “intelligent war”, a new generation of automotive electronic technology must be developed. The chip is the key to promote the new generation of automotive electronic technology.

The collaborative development of software and hardware is an important trend of the development of intelligent vehicle industry. Li Xingyu, vice president of horizon, said at the meeting that from intelligent driving to intelligent cockpit, to diversified information and entertainment systems, “software” plays a more and more important role, and the era of software defined automobile function application has arrived.

At the same time, Li Xingyu also pointed out that at present, with the continuous development of high-level automatic driving function, the demand for perception is increasing, the amount of data is growing rapidly, and there is a huge demand for computing power. Based on this, the smart chip of the car has become the “engine” of the smart car. In this context, it is undoubtedly a cutting-edge technology concept in the new era to adopt the “combination of software and hardware” method, gather the efficiency of real AI computing, and define the “new” Moore’s law of AI computing.

Cross border integration and mutual empowerment become new characteristics of automobile industry development

At present, the domestic automobile industry has entered a period of platform adjustment, and reform, innovation, integration and opening up will become the theme of the future development of the industry.

A new round of technological revolution provides a broad space and unlimited opportunities for the transformation of the automotive industry. China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia increased the difficulty of industrial transformation, but also forced the industry to accelerate the transformation speed, Li Shaohua, Deputy Secretary General of the China Automotive Industry Association, said at the seminar on automotive semiconductor supply and demand docking.

Li Shaohua pointed out that at present, China’s automobile industry has the following important development trends.

First, consumer change and technological revolution redefine automobile. The integration of automobile and energy, transportation, information communication and other fields is accelerating, and the upgrading of consumption has redefined automobile products. With the acceleration of the evolution of automobile “network ecology” with the participation of multi fields and multi subjects, the automobile industry ecology has been reconstructed. In the long run, automobile manufacturing will be redefined due to the innovation and breakthrough of digital, industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing and other technologies.

Second, domestic brands will continue to develop and face more opportunities than challenges. Specifically speaking, differentiated development will be an important way for domestic brands to achieve a breakthrough. The rapid expansion of the new energy vehicle market provides opportunities for domestic brands. The globalization development is the only way for domestic enterprises to become bigger and stronger.

Third, new energy vehicles have entered a new stage of development, and the degree of marketization is constantly improving. At present, China’s new energy vehicles are in the leading position in terms of sales and ownership in the world, the industrial development environment is improving day by day, the policy and regulation system is gradually improving, the technological innovation ability is continuously improving, the business model innovation is increasing, and the charging and swapping infrastructure system is also improving day by day. In addition, the core enterprises in the new energy vehicle industry chain will gradually become an important force to build a new ecological environment.

Fourth, the market traction of intelligent connected vehicles is becoming more and more prominent. The development of intelligent networked vehicles will reshape the automotive industry chain, and the integration of information technology will also bring new opportunities. Cars have evolved from travel tools to Mobile Smart partners, and gradually become the entrance of various services and applications.

At the same time, the domestic automobile industry will merge with environmental protection, energy, transportation and other fields. The resource integration and complementary advantages of automobile enterprises in capital, technology, production capacity, brand and other aspects, as well as the cross-border integration and mutual empowerment of emerging fields will become the new characteristics of industrial development.

Master seven kinds of key semiconductor technology to promote safe and controllable industrial chain

According to the data released at the seminar, in 2020, the global automotive chip industry market will reach about US $50 billion, accounting for 11.6% of the global semiconductor market. Among them, the top ten automotive semiconductor manufacturers account for about 70% of the share.

At the same time, the semiconductor applications of new energy vehicles are growing rapidly, including power / body / chassis control, on-board network, information entertainment and safety, ADAS / automatic driving and other fields. The above core functions mainly apply seven kinds of key semiconductors, including sensing, control, computing, communication, storage, security and power.

With the increasing demand of automotive semiconductor market, the global shortage of automotive chip supply is becoming a major hidden danger hindering the development of domestic automotive industry.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, China’s automotive chip industry innovation and strategic alliance chairman Dong Yang said at the seminar that many new car companies have cut production since early 2020. After that, the rapid recovery of the automotive market has driven the demand for automotive chips to rise rapidly in a short period of time. The huge demand for automotive chips and the market demand for consumer electronic products are superimposed, which makes semiconductor manufacturers short of production capacity, resulting in the shortage of automotive chip supply.

Experts believe that the tight supply of automotive semiconductors since the fourth quarter of 2020 will continue for a period of time.

Although the lack of “core” is a short-term phenomenon caused by the market, the industry should still attach great importance to the long-term problems of industrial development. At this stage, the uncertainty in the automobile industry chain still exists, so the industry should deeply understand the impact of complex international situation on the safety of the industry chain.

Li Shaohua pointed out that under the complex situation, mastering the core technology is still the key to the safety and controllability of the domestic automobile industry chain. Li Shaohua also put forward three suggestions on how to realize safety and control of automobile industry chain.

First, we should strengthen the innovation and control of key core technologies; Second, we should cultivate domestic innovation achievements and realize the transformation of achievements; Third, we should attract excellent foreign enterprises to invest in China; Fourth, we should make full use of the first mover advantage and constantly improve and upgrade the advantageous areas with the help of market forces.

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