Driven by the new infrastructure trend, Wi Fi 6, 5g, IOT and other wireless technologies are booming. However, how to solve the problems of integrated networking, operation and maintenance management faced by enterprises in the construction of wireless network upgrading? On August 11, Ziguang’s Xinhua Group 3 held an online seminar on “Wi Fi 6 era, current situation and future trend of WLAN development”. Liu Yiping, vice president of network product line of Xinhua Group 3, joined hands with two industry heavyweights to discuss in-depth cutting-edge topics such as co construction and development of Wi Fi 6 and 5g wireless networks.

Future evolution of enterprise wireless connection

In the post epidemic era, new infrastructure is further accelerating the process of digital transformation, and enterprises need ubiquitous, reliable and powerful wireless connection to provide support. According to Hu Xiangdong, assistant research director of IDC, the development of wireless access technology will accelerate the digital connection among people, objects and processes. Connection is the basis of data, which can make data better perceived, transmitted and calculated. Leading wireless connectivity can also help enterprises change operational processes, drive real-time decision-making, create new digital services, and provide seamless connectivity experience for customers, partners, and employees.

Analysis of the development status and future trend of WLAN in the era of Wi Fi 6

Xinhua Group 3 has been deeply rooted in the wireless field for 17 years. IDC data shows that Xinhua 3 has led China’s enterprise WLAN market share for 11 consecutive years. Xinhua three wireless continues to help industry business change with technological innovation. Wi Fi 6 + 5g + IOT integration solution provides a wide range of connections for all industries, helping enterprises realize business innovation, efficiency improvement and process optimization. Xinhua San has 18 types of Wi Fi 6 products, which have achieved comprehensive improvement in network capacity, bandwidth utilization efficiency, number of access terminals and network coverage, and can be applied to different scenes such as high density, placement, embedded panel and outdoor.

Integration and symbiosis of Wi Fi 6 and 5g

2020 is the first year for the development of Wi Fi 6, and it is also a year for 5g to break out. 5g and Wi Fi 6, as two new technologies in wireless connection, are the boosters to realize the interconnection of everything. The two complement each other and provide basic guarantee for the smooth upgrading of business in various industries.

Zeng Jianqiu, Professor of economics and management, doctoral supervisor and chairman of the academic committee of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, pointed out that 5g adopts new multi carrier technology, new coding technology, new multiple access technology and large-scale antenna technology, which can support more abundant application scenarios; Wi Fi 6 adopts 5g technologies such as MU-MIMO and OFDMA, and has a high speed of 9.6g. It supports multi-user simultaneous access and roaming handover with mobile base stations. 5g and Wi Fi 6 will complement each other in technology and application scenarios.

Xinhua sanjizhi Wi Fi 6 wins by quick and steady

With the rapid popularization of all kinds of new applications, enterprises put forward higher requirements for network connection, which need faster transmission rate, lower delay, massive connection bearing and unified management and operation. Xinhua Group 3 can provide the integration scheme of Wi Fi 6 + 5g + IOT. Through the unified platform architecture, it can comprehensively manage the basic connection of Wi Fi 6, 5g and IOT, so as to realize the flexible network expansion, unified management and unified data, reduce the construction cost and give play to the data value.

Liu Yiping, vice president of network product line of Xinhua Group 3, said that Wi Fi 6 provides a better choice for enterprise wireless network construction in terms of technology maturity, construction cost and flexible networking. This year, xinhuasan’s Wi Fi 6 has again innovated and upgraded its intelligence. The brand-new Jizhi Wi Fi 6 “wins with quick wisdom, and wins with steady wisdom”. Its performance has always been one step ahead of others, meeting the connection needs of various scene services with the ultimate speed; To ensure the stable operation and long-term development of customer business with stable and reliable connection.

Compared with 5g technology, Wi Fi 6 not only has the characteristics of extreme speed and ultra-low delay, but also has advantages in construction cost, construction cycle and scene customization. In the aspect of scene customization, JZ Wi Fi 6 of Xinhua Group 3 can cover more refined industry scenes and meet the scene applications of high-density venues, dormitory areas, enterprise office areas, rail transit, etc. At the same time, Wi Fi 6 has lower construction cost, shorter construction period, independent network construction by operators, and independent data management, which brings great value to enterprises. In the future, xinhuasan’s Wi Fi 6 and 5g will be integrated and complementary, and become an important pillar to boost the new infrastructure.

In the era of Wi Fi 6, wireless technology upgrading and industrial development usher in new opportunities. Guided by the “AI in all” intelligent strategy and adhering to the “digital brain plan 2020”, Xinhua Group 3 continues to focus on user experience. Through the integration scheme of Wi Fi 6 + 5g + IOT, it comprehensively covers different scenes of various industries, builds a wireless network suitable for all scene business applications of the whole industry, and provides a reliable connection for enterprise digital transformation.

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