When using the CU230P-2 PN, CU240E-2 PN and CU250S-2 PN control units, the control unit does not detect the Profinet communication life cycle symbol within the monitoring time, which means that the connection of the internal components of the control unit to the Profinet interface is interrupted.

Regarding the Profinet communication fault, the most common one is F08501, so what is the difference between this fault and F08502? F08501 indicates that the inverter is within the specified time (Profinet bus monitoring time)

If the message from the Profinet controller is not received, it means that the communication between the inverter and the upper controller is interrupted, and F08502 means that the internal communication of the control unit is abnormal.

1 Common fault reasons

Improper electrical installation causes the control unit of the inverter to be affected by electromagnetic interference

The on-site environment is harsh, for example, corrosive gases such as sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide have caused corrosion to the circuit board of the control unit.

Improper use, during installation or use, the user accidentally inserts strong electricity into the network cable or its shielding layer.

hardware problem

2 Common treatment methods

2.1Check the inverter or network cable for EMC interference

Ensure that the inverter is grounded reliably. The grounding resistance of the inverter is generally required to be less than 4 ohms.

Use industrial-grade shielded network cables and cable connectors

The shielding layer of the network cable should be grounded reliably, and an ideal shielding layer laying case is shown in the following figure:

Shield laying example

The network cable and the power cable should be routed on different bridges as much as possible. If it is limited by site conditions and parallel wiring is required, a distance of more than 20cm must be maintained

2.2Check the operating environment of the inverter

The electrical room where the inverter is located must not contain corrosive gases such as sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and chlorine.

A large amount of metallic dust is not allowed in the electrical room, the inverter must work in a suitable temperature and humidity environment, and condensation is not allowed inside and outside the inverter

2.3Check cable wiring

Users should avoid the situation of improper use, such as the accidental stringing of strong electricity into the network cable or its shielding layer.

2.4Replace components

If no obvious problems are found after the above-mentioned inspections, and the fault cannot be reset even after re-powering on the power, the cause of the F08502 fault is most likely a hardware problem of the device, and the control unit should be replaced at this time.

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