1、 System overview

Oil depot is the life source of national modernization and an important part of national security. The safety of oil depot is the safety of a country, especially in the information age, how to reflect the information security requirements of oil depot protection system is particularly important.

Oil depot is a high-risk industry prone to explosion and fire accidents. There are serious safety risks in management, transportation, storage, sales and other aspects. In order to realize the safety production management of oil depot, the security system has been widely used in all aspects. However, due to the different security requirements of each production link, the design of security scheme is different. Even if video monitoring equipment is also required, the requirements of security level are different in different working environments.

The comprehensive security system of CLP Xingfa oil depot is mainly composed of in-service monitoring system, line detection system, mobile control terminal, automatic fire control system, access control system, automatic tank metering and other systems. The system takes into account the security requirements of military and civil use, realizes the unified management, interconnection and stable operation of information system construction, and constructs a digital oil depot comprehensive supervision information platform In order to solve the problem that each system has become an “isolated island” system, a digital centralized security system for the overall business of the oil depot is realized. The integrated security system of oil depot is designed according to the modular structure. The seamless interface model is adopted between the software and hardware modules to realize the self identification fusion mode for various types of sensors, controllers, power supply and other equipment, so as to realize the connection of functional level, logical level and physical level. The integrated security system of oil depot provides a set of information fusion, resource sharing and security The oil depot safety guarantee system depends on the government.

2、 System architecture

Analysis of the architecture and characteristics of the integrated security system of China Power Xingfa oil depot

3、 System features

In order to ensure the long-term normal work of the system, the hardware, network and software permissions are designed.

1. System equipment

As the core equipment of the system, image management and access server have dual hot standby, redundant power supply and high-performance storage to ensure the stability and reliability of the management server. In case of failure, it can quickly solve the failure without affecting the normal operation of the system.

2. Network isolation

Because of the external interface, it is necessary to isolate the internal and external network to prevent the invasion of the internal network through the external network and damage to the system. It is a very effective measure to set up a network firewall between the internal and external networks.

3. System security

The system implements hierarchical control, and the software authority management mechanism is similar to the user authority management of the network operating system, with the division of roles, authorities and operating users. The division of permissions is not only for the software sub functions, but also for the video preview and control of a camera. When the monitoring terminal works, it first logs in to the image management server of the headquarters, and after verification of user name, password, digital certificate, it can log in to the monitoring network to obtain the equipment information of the oil depot and gas station with operation right from the center. In the system, only the super user can have full access to the files, while the ordinary user can only have access to the video files.

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