At present, users most need a tool that can integrate timing analysis and Si, with optimized interface, simple setting and design kit. If the performance of ICX tau can be improved like that of quantum Si, it will enhance its popularity and be more favored by customers. Because mentor has front-end and back-end of PCB design, the advantage of ICX + tau can not be replaced by other tools.

Timing is the most important issue. At present, PCB designers basically adopt the existing solutions of core chip manufacturers. Therefore, the main part of PCB design is how to ensure that PCB can meet the timing requirements of chip work., At present, domestic users have not mastered the timing problem. A small number of SQ users will use Excel table to compile the timing requirements. Later, they will manually fill in the parameters measured from sq to excel table to calculate whether the final PCB design meets the timing requirements. However, these problems are always more difficult, both schematic PCB designers and PCB wiring PCB designers are difficult to understand the timing from the chip data sheet. The timing problem is mainly the parallel interface problem.

Analysis of Si problems in PCB design

Common Si problems include solving driving problems, numerical calculation of termination resistance or series damping resistance, calculation of PCB Laminate Structure and characteristic impedance, and analysis of routing topology. For common Si problems, HyperLynx, SQ and ICX can solve them well. Domestic users have basically mastered how to deal with and analyze common Si problems. As far as tools are concerned, SQ, HyperLynx or ICX are all good solutions. In terms of performance, SQ has the advantage that it is a PCB layout and wiring tool, so it is suitable for the actual PCB layout and wiring, and has better performance, that is, better on-site debugging performance. But sq does not have the ability of timing analysis, only has the function of simple and limited timing measurement.

The advantage of HyperLynx is that it is easy to use, but it has neither timing analysis function nor timing measurement function. In comparison, HyperLynx is more convenient in EMC prediction, which is the advantage of HyperLynx. ICX’s GUI weaknesses and setup complexity scare away most customers. At present, the common Si problem is mainly PCB wiring, and PCB designers are doing it. Schematic PCB designers do not do this work, mainly because they are not familiar with the use of tools and know little about Si.

The problem of microwave transmission is commonly known as GHz Si. PCB design needs to solve a variety of problems in the transmission link, which are usually only considered in the microwave field, due to the small size of routing, vias and materials. The problem of microwave transmission is caused by serial interface, which plays an important role in communication. It is mainly to solve the problem of multi board, that is, the problem of transmission on the link of core chip connector backplane connector core chip. However, there is no timing problem in the serial link, only the transmission problem. It is necessary to solve the inter symbol interference caused by the change of signal amplitude and 01 bit stream when the frequency reaches the microwave band. This part of the problem must use the combination of frequency domain and time domain tools. At present, the mainstream sq, HyperLynx and ICX are not very effective in dealing with these problems. HyperLynx and ICX process s parameters by Eldo, but it is not practical in time because of the lack of MGH algorithm to analyze long bit stream.

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