Tsg4100a Series RF vector signal generator provides mid-range performance and modulation bandwidth up to 200MHz at the price of entry-level RF signal generator. They use new technology to provide spurious output, and realize low phase noise (1GHz carrier is – 113dbc / Hz at 20kHz offset) and ultra-high frequency resolution (1uhz at any frequency). Tsg4100a series is equipped with analog modulation function as standard. Conveniently upgrade the software on site, which can easily change from analog modulation function to advanced vector modulation and digital modulation function, providing the most flexible configuration and the best investment protection. These instruments improve other leading mid-range RF test solutions of Tektronix, such as rsa306 spectrum analyzer based on USB and mdo4000b and mdo3000 mixed domain oscilloscope.

Tsg4100a series instruments adopt the time base of constant temperature box SC cutting oscillator (tsg410xa-m00 or E1 model). Compared with the instruments using TCXO time base, the stability is improved by 100 times (closed phase noise is reduced by 100 times).

Analysis of performance index and functional characteristics of tsg4100a series vector signal instrument

Main features:

● analog and vector / digital signal generation function; ● double base band ARB generator; ● analog modulation standard;

● upgrade to vector / digital modulation through soft key at very low cost;

● GSM, edge, W-CDMA, apco-25, DECT, nadc, PDC and TETRA digital modulation applications;

● USB, GPIB, RS-232 and LAN interfaces; ● 5.6kg; ● 2U high and semi standard rack width;

Main performance indexes:

● real DC ~ 2GHz, 4GHz or 6GHz, supporting the generation of analog signals and vector / digital signals;

● typical amplitude accuracy of ≤± 0.30db at 10MHz ~ 6GHz (0dbmcw signal @ 22oC);

● I / Q modulation input (400MHz RF bandwidth); ● ask, FSK, MSK, PSK, QAM, VSB and custom I / Q;

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