Tips for using Genesis 2000

When the majority of PCB enthusiasts are making PCB boards, if they can have some simple and convenient methods, they can often get twice the result with half the effort. Here are some Genesis operation skills to share with you:

1. About the method of turning off the graphical interface to the background execution of Genesis

When running scripts, we often see the step screen switching constantly. Can we change this mode? This can be achieved by the following methods:

COM open_ entity,job=$JOB,type=step,name=panel,iconic=yes

set group=$COMANS

AUX set_ group,group=$group

Iconic = yes is to put the start step on the background for execution,

Iconic = no is to put the editor screen on the top layer, that is, the current window.

Analysis of operating skills of Genesis 2000

2. How to remove the small copper strip on the board

There are very small copper bars between clearance and clearance on some PCB boards. If they are retained, some unexpected problems will appear in the production process. In order to avoid these problems, we usually remove them, especially some large PCB boards, such as motherboard and display card board. The specific operations are as follows:

Click the copper to be modified → edit → reshape → fill → fill parameters → solid type: filled → min brush: 3 mil

After the operation is completed, the small copper bar below 3mil in the selected area is removed. Of course, the size of Min brush can also be determined according to the actual situation.

3. Genesis when the distance between two objects = 0.5mil, netlist does not judge it as the cause of open circuit

This is because it is affected by the genesis configuration file. Open the configuration of Genesis and find net_ raster_ For resolution, the fixed value in the system is 0.5 (MIL), which means that when the separation distance between two objects exceeds this value, they belong to different nets; If it is less than this value, it is regarded as the same net. So we need to set the value net in the system_ raster_ Resolution = 0.5, modified to net_ raster_ Resolution = 0.01 after modifying this parameter (this parameter can also be changed to other values according to the actual situation you need), please restart.

4. Tips for same layer replication of Genesis

When making boards, we often use an operation to copy the same position of an object (symbol) on the same layer. Many friends always say that it is easy to shift when copying, so it is difficult to achieve the same position. In fact, that’s because you don’t master the correct method. The correct operation is to first select the object (symbol), then press Alt + C, and then double-click the exclamation point at the bottom left of Genesis.

5. Genesis 2000 operation tips

In genesis, most windows for inputting values (except those with dcode number when inputting values, such as R10) can directly convert units. For example, in the English interface, if you want to increase an object by 3 millimeters with the command resize, you can directly enter 3mm in the value window, and Genesis will automatically convert it to the English value of 118.11mil. This can save the trouble of switching units. In addition, it is also very convenient to write a scripts and bind a shortcut key.

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