The operating voltage of tl97x operational amplifier series products can be as low as ± 1.35v. It has rail to rail output signal swing, which is divided into single channel, double channel and four channel operational amplifier versions. When f = 1-kHz, it has the characteristics of 0.003% thd, 4nv / rthz equivalent input voltage noise, 2.7-v ~ 12-v wide VCC range, 12 MHz gain bandwidth and 5V /? S. This product is an attractive choice for portable audio devices, professional audio devices, mobile phones, instruments and sensor applications.

Analysis of main functions and characteristics of low noise RRO operational amplifier tl97x


Rail to rail output voltage swing: ± 2.4V when VCC = ± 2.5V

Very low noise level: 4nv / Hz

Ultra low distortion: 0.003%

High dynamic characteristics: 12Mhz, 5V /? s

Working voltage: 2.7V ~ 12V

The locking performance is higher than 100mA specified in jesd78 and class II standards

ESD performance tested according to jesd22 standard

2000-v manikin (a114-b)

200-v machine model (a115-a)

1500-v model with electrical parts (C101)

Application scope:

Portable devices (CD player, PDA)

Portable communication equipment (mobile phone, pager)

Instruments and sensors

Professional audio circuit

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