The concept of smart home originated very early and is more and more popular in China. Many families have installed smart home, so is smart home really so good? Today, Xiaobian will take you to understand the main functions of China’s smart home system!

Intelligent lighting control realizes the intelligent management of the whole house lighting, and various intelligent control modes such as remote control can be used to realize the remote control switch, dimming, full opening and full closing of the whole house lighting, as well as the realization of various one button lighting scene effects such as “receiving guests and cinemas”; The functions can be realized by various control modes such as timing control, telephone remote control, computer local and Internet remote control, so as to achieve the functions of energy saving, environmental protection, comfort and convenience of intelligent lighting.

Advantages: 1. Control: local control, multipoint control, remote control, regional control, etc. 2. Safety: the control circuit is separated from the load circuit by controlling strong current with weak current. 3. Simple: the intelligent lighting control system adopts modular structure design, which is simple, flexible and easy to install. 4. Flexible: according to the changes of environment and user needs, the change of lighting layout and function expansion can be realized only by software modification and setting.

Intelligent electrical control: the electrical control adopts the weak current control and strong current control mode, which is safe and intelligent. It can use a variety of intelligent control modes such as remote control and timing to realize the intelligent control of drinking fountains, sockets, air conditioners, floor heating, projectors and fresh air systems at home, so as to avoid the repeated heating of drinking fountains at night affecting the water quality, and disconnect the plug-in and drain when going out, Avoid potential safety hazards caused by electrical heating; And timing or remote control of air conditioning and floor heating, so that you can enjoy comfortable temperature and fresh air immediately after you get home.

Advantages: 1. Convenience: local control, scene control, remote control, telephone computer remote control, mobile phone control, etc. 2. Control: it is safe and convenient without interference through infrared or protocol signal control. 3. Health: through the intelligent detector, the temperature, humidity and brightness of the home can be detected, and the electrical equipment can be driven to work automatically. 4. Safety: the system can automatically open or close the circuit according to the life rhythm to avoid unnecessary waste and fire caused by electrical aging.

Analysis of main functions and advantages of smart home system

With the upgrading of people’s living environment, people pay more and more attention to their personal safety and property safety, and put forward higher requirements for the safety of people, families and residential areas; At the same time, with the rapid development of economy and the rapid increase of urban floating population, new problems have been added to urban social security. In order to ensure the safety of the community and prevent the occurrence of theft and robbery, we must have our own security system. The security mode of civil air defense is difficult to meet our requirements, and intelligent security has become the current development trend.

Advantages: 1. Security: the security system can detect and notify the owner in advance in case of stranger intrusion, gas leakage, fire, etc; 2. Simple: the operation is very simple, and the defense can be deployed or removed through the remote control or door controller. 3. Practical: the video surveillance system can rely on the camera installed outdoors, which can effectively prevent the thief from further action, and can also provide favorable evidence for the police after obtaining evidence.

Intelligent home background music is a new intelligent background music system based on the basic principle of public background music and the characteristics of family life. In short, in any house of the family, such as garden, living room, bedroom, bar, kitchen or bathroom, MP3, FM, DVD, computer and other sound sources can be combined systematically, so that each room can hear wonderful background music. The music system can not only beautify the space, but also play a good decorative role.

Advantages: 1. Unique: different from traditional music, it is professionally designed for the family. 2. 2. Effect: high fidelity dual channel stereo speaker is adopted, and the sound quality effect is very good. 3. Simple: the controller is humanized and easy to operate. No matter the elderly or children can operate it. 4. Convenience: humanized, concealed installation of the host, which can be controlled only through the controller or remote control in each room.

The video sharing system is to centrally install the digital TV set-top box, DVD player, video recorder, satellite receiver and other video equipment in a hidden place. The system can enable the televisions in the living room, dining room, bedroom and other rooms to share the home video library, and can select their favorite sound source for viewing through the remote control, In this way, TV sets can share audio and video equipment without repeated purchase of equipment and wiring, which not only saves money but also saves space.

Advantages: 1. Simple: simple wiring, one line can transmit a variety of video signals, and the operation is more convenient. 2. Practical: no matter where the host is, one remote control can control all video hosts. 3. Safety: it adopts weak current wiring and network cable to transmit signals. It will never fall behind. Even if it is upgraded in the future, it will still use network cable.

Visual intercom products are relatively mature, and mature cases can be seen everywhere, including large-scale networked intercom systems and separate intercom systems, such as those used in villas, including one drag one, two and three; The general functions are call, visual, intercom and other functions, but through the Integration Department of “pinqiju”, many products on different platforms have been unified, which enhances the advantages of the control part of the whole system, so that the indoor host can also control the lights and electricity at home.

For the family cinema system, for the house type of high-end villa or apartment, the living room or film and television hall is generally about 20 square meters, which is one of the most important building areas at present. The living room or audio-visual room is naturally the most magnificent place in the family. In addition to being spacious and comfortable, it also needs lively entertainment. To meet such requirements, “family cloud platform” is essential for the family cinema “Treasure of town house”.

Advantages: 1. Simple: the operation is very simple. One click can start the scene, such as music mode, audition mode, karaoke, movie mode, etc. 2. Practical: with a private cinema, you are the director. You can watch blockbusters at home at any time, saving you valuable time. It’s not too much to say “the treasure of town house”. You can get closer to your good friends on weekends. 3. Style: connect to each room through Gigabit switch, you can operate projector and TV in different rooms through remote control / tablet, and share private photo library. It can cooperate with intelligent lighting, electric curtains, background music and for linkage control.

The integrated control of smart home system uses advanced computer technology, network communication technology, generic cabling technology and medical electronic technology to integrate various subsystems related to home life, such as security, lighting control, curtain control, gas valve control, information appliances, scene linkage, floor heating, health care Health and epidemic prevention, security, etc. are organically combined to realize a “people-oriented” new home life experience through networked comprehensive intelligent control and management. Also known as smart house, it is commonly expressed by smart home abroad.


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