In the first quarter of 2020, the domestic air conditioning market continues to decline, and major brands are looking for a turn for the better. According to the data of zhongyikang from 1 to 14 weeks, the retail volume and retail volume of fresh air air conditioning increased by 252.1% and 117.3% year on year, and the pattern of long-term languid air conditioning market may change.

From the perspective of high-end mainstream brands, in the 15th week, in the 15000 + price segment of the household air conditioning market, Casati’s share was 50.25%, Gree’s 15%, Mitsubishi Electric’s 8.35%, and Daikin’s 8.61%; in the 14000-16000 price segment, Casati’s share was 56.55%, Daikin’s 14.26%, Mitsubishi Electric’s 12.83%, and Gree’s 5.69%.

Analysis of domestic air conditioning market sales in the first quarter of 2020

High share comes from high demand. Whether it’s the user’s centralized demand for sterilization function in a special period, or the daily demand for healthy breathing and clean air, Casati air conditioner can match the corresponding three scene solutions of fresh air, clean breathing and good air to meet the increasingly diversified health needs of users.

For example, in the new wind scene, in the room where it is not convenient to open the window for ventilation, the user can directly “command” the Casati air conditioner to start the fresh air purification and exchange air in real time; in the pure breathing scene, the LIAP light ion purification technology of Casati Yunding and the UVC deep UV sterilization function of Tianjing air conditioner protect the healthy breathing of the whole family; In the good air scene, Casati air conditioner will monitor the indoor air quality at any time, and turn on the purification in real time, so that the good air is always there.

The emerging needs of users are gradually becoming a new window of the air conditioning market, and a series of iterative innovations of Casati air conditioning emerge as the times require. In the future, Casati air conditioning will also provide a more comprehensive and subdivided scenario demand solution to continuously meet the market and users.

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