Theory must be combined with practice! Therefore, in 2018, there will be the sixth part of the explanation, the purpose of which is to let students see how the theoretical knowledge learned can be realized by programming in the computer. Since it can be realized by programming, it can certainly be completed by programmable devices, so the function of digital signal processing can be realized in products.

The prospect has been described to the students step by step. I hope the students can start. In 2021, revise this series of courses again!

We talked about the sampling procedure earlier,

This class is about convolution program!

I assigned this homework in class!

How do you do it? Look for books in the library!

Ask Baidu! College students must learn to teach themselves!

Then slowly cultivate innovation ability!

Many methods can realize convolution.

What is the simplest?

Use function to complete convolution operation!






The short program contains too much content!

But the core of the algorithm is still flip and multiply accumulate!

Let’s see what functions are involved!

Max function! Conv function! Subplot function! Stem function! Legend function! These are very practical and commonly used functions! Through these functions, you can learn min function and sum function! Learning is to draw inferences from one instance, which can constantly expand the scope of knowledge! If you forget MATLAB, this course will definitely remind you of those functions you have learned! Wake up your memory! What is a self compiled function? These contents have been taught in MATLAB class! Did you forget? Think back through the results of the program! The basic knowledge of programming should be kept in mind at all times, otherwise simulation is difficult to do well! Both digital signal processing simulation and communication simulation need to use the basic knowledge of MATLAB!


Has convolution been printed in the brain? Please master this concept and compare it with the filter function later!

Why is the first chapter so slow? Not only to teach knowledge, but also to teach learning methods! The following chapters can be learned better! The first chapter is over!

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