1、 Program overview

With the rapid development of social economy, the market demand for network-based video surveillance is also growing rapidly. The video monitoring business based on broadband fixed network and Mobile 3G network has become another important profit growth point to promote the ARPU value of operators. Through this business, it can not only promote the development of fixed network resources of operators, but also promote the number of Mobile 3G users and traffic management. For the video monitoring business of operators, it is necessary to promote the video monitoring business in combination with various advantageous resources. However, due to different applications in the video monitoring market, including different personalized needs of users, wide geographical distribution, complex forms of video resources, heterogeneous network structure and uneven bandwidth, etc, Thus, it puts forward higher requirements for the development of video monitoring business of operators.

To sum up, in the construction and application management of operators’ video monitoring business, we should comprehensively consider the access mode, transmission network design, network security, user demand scenarios and other factors. Therefore, we propose an end-to-end multimedia video monitoring comprehensive solution for the above operators’ video monitoring business needs, In order to meet the growing demand of video surveillance market of operators.

This solution is based on IP technology and broadband network (Internet, virtual network, private network), CDMA mobile network network video monitoring service. Give full play to the network resource advantages of operators, integrate and access the scattered and independent image information collection points through the network video monitoring business platform, and adopt the centralized + distributed platform architecture to realize the unified video monitoring, unified storage, unified management and resource sharing across regions and platforms, so as to meet the needs of operators for remote monitoring, centralized management and resource sharing Management and information transfer needs.

It is suitable for public safety, petrochemical industry, banking, road traffic, insurance, environmental monitoring, electric power, education, real estate, manufacturing, chain business places, families, small and medium-sized businesses and other applications that need remote image monitoring, transmission, storage and management.

2、 System composition

Analysis of composition, characteristics and function realization of video monitoring system for operators

3、 System features

Based on video middleware, it provides good open compatibility, and can easily integrate the third-party products;

Based on the centralized + distributed deployment of embedded and server, load balancing technology is adopted to seamlessly expand the concurrent capability, which lays the foundation for large-scale deployment;

Support center platform media forwarding, also support P2P terminal and front-end can realize peer-to-peer communication;

Support multiple access modes, including C / S (computer and mobile) and B / S architecture;

Support more than 50 well-known manufacturers of more than 300 models of video monitoring front-end equipment access;

Support 3G (EVDO / TD-SCDMA / WCDMA) / edge / GPRS / CDMA1X network bandwidth optimization;

Support mainstream smart phone terminal applications (Android, IOS) in most markets;

Unified monitoring and management of cross platform and cross region anytime and anywhere;

Support business integration function and dynamic expansion capability;

Support user rights and directory management, improve manageability and security.

4、 System function

Remote network image real time scheduling and control (B / S & C / s)

Electronic map

Intelligent image analysis and diagnosis

Application of mobile intelligent terminal

Digital storage and retrieval, video on demand playback, real-time voice intercom, centralized management, alarm linkage, etc.

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