After copper laying, it is found that pad hole is disconnected from copper laying. I don’t know where the setting is wrong?

Preferences -, heats -, routed pad heats.

Can you set the chamfer (135 degrees) option when using powerpcb automatic blazerouter?

Blazerouter is a right angle first, and then through optimization into chamfering, so the size of chamfering can be set.

1)Tools ——BlazerRouter ——Routing Strategy—— Setup;

2) Check the appropriate item in miters’ options.

Can you save the devices in the existing PCB file into your own device library?

sure. Open the PCB file, select the device you want to save, right-click, select Save to library in the pop-up menu, and select the library you want to save in the pop-up dialog box, OK!

How to wind wire quickly in powerpcb?

Step 1: set arc in miters under design in setup / preferences panel, and the ratio is 3.5.

Step 2: lay right angle lines.

Step 3: select the line, right-click the mouse and select the add mitters command to quickly draw the winding line.

How to quickly delete the defined ground or power copper frame in powerpcb?

Step 1: move the copper frame to be deleted out of the board.

Step 2: water the copper frame removed from the board again.

Step 3: redefine the network of copper frame as none, and then delete it.

For a large PCB board, it can be deleted in a few minutes. If the above method is not used, it can take several hours. Tips: if you use powerpcb4.01, then the speed of deleting copper sheet is relatively fast

How to use the characteristic impedance calculation function of powerpcb?

1. In setup / layer definition, the need is defined as ground or power layer, and the corresponding layer is defined as cam plane.

2. And input the structure of your layer in layer thinking, such as the thickness of each layer, the dielectric constant of the plate, etc.

Through the above settings, select a network and press Ctrl + Q, you can see the characteristic impedance and delay of the network.

Powerpcb4.0, import the file of frame *. DXF, then the file is easy to appear database error, how to do?

A good way is: import the *. DXF file into a new PCB file, and then copy the required text and line from the PCB file to the designed PCB file, so that the data of the designed PCB file will not be damaged.

Can devices be aligned automatically in powerpcb?

To align components, you can first select multiple components, then right-click and select align Function can be aligned in all directions; Select Create array to set the spacing parameter of component arrangement, and then arrange. Several devices that have executed create array will become a union. The next time you want to move a device individually, you need to select break Union from the right-click menu.

Is there any other distance measurement method besides automatic dimensioning in powerpcb?

You can use the shortcut key Q, or you can use Ctrl + pagedown.

How to add labels to devices in powerpcb?

Select the device, press the right button to select query / modify, select “labels” at the bottom left, select “new” and add. Another simple method: after selecting the device, directly press the right button to select add new labels and perform the corresponding operation.

Should the component shape in the powerpcb component library be in the silk screen layer or all layers?

It’s better to set the shape of components to all layers, so that there will be no problem.

How to punch square hole in powerpcb?

Powerpcb can only define round hole or long elliptical hole.

If there is no pad at the hole edge, you can use the board outline and cut out command to draw it;

If you want a square hole with pad, you can use 2D line to draw a square hole you need in the drilling layer and place the desired patch pad in two cloth layers.

It would be clearer if you attached the explanatory text beside it.

The pad with special inner hole can also be made according to the above method.

What’s the difference between NC drill and drill drawing in powerpcb?

NC drill is some drilling data, which is provided for drilling machine. Drill drawing is a drilling chart. Gerber can directly see the size, number and location of drilling holes.

Is there a copy function in PowerLogic?

1) First, make the selected schematic part “make group”, and then “copy to file”. Then paste it in the

In the new page, select “add item paste from file”. The above operations all use the right-click menu.

2) PowerLogic can only open one file at a time, but you can open several PowerLogic programs so that you can open to

In the previous design, select the part to be copied, and then use the right-click menu below make group, and then use Ctrl + C to copy it

The design of Ctrl + V one, done!!!

Powerpcb also works.

3) If PowerLogic wants to copy the same part, it can also click the first function key on the left at the bottom left of the whole window screen to delete it

Click on it, and then drag the selected part with the mouse, and it will automatically become a group, so that you can copy it.

How does PowerLogic automatically re annotate?

PowerLogic can’t label automatically, but powerpcb can label automatically. After the eco file is generated, it can be displayed in PowerLogic

In this paper, we use the method of reverse annotation!

How to set the layer of 4-layer board with powerpcb?

The layer definition can be set as 1: no plane + component (top route) 2: cam plane or split / mixed (GND) 3: cam plane or split / mixed (power) 4: no plane + component (if the single-sided amplifier can be defined as no plane + route), Moreover, this layer can be used as power supply or ground, and it can also be wired in this layer (the Ministry recommends wiring in the power supply layer and stratum, because it will damage the integrity of this layer and may cause EMI problems). Add the power network (such as 3.3V, 5V, etc.) from the left list to the right list in the 2-layer assignment, so that the layer definition is completed.

In setup / layer definition, the need is defined as ground or power layer, and the corresponding layer is defined as cam plane.

And input your layer structure in layer thinking, such as the thickness of each layer, the dielectric constant of the plate, etc.

Through the above settings, select a network and press Ctrl + Q, you can see the characteristic impedance and delay of the network

If the holes are drilled one by one, this can be done:

1. Set the GND network routing width, such as 20MIL.

2. Set the end way of routing to end via.

3. When routing, press Ctrl + left mouse button to quickly punch through the hole.

If you want to punch a lot of holes neatly, you can use the automatic router to punch them automatically. Of course, rules must be set:

1. Set a layer as cam layer and assign GND network properties to it.

2. Set the GND network routing width, such as 20MIL.

3. Set the distance between via and pad, such as 13mil.

4. Set the design grid and fanout grid to 1mil.

5. Then you can use the fanout function for automatic drilling.


Firstly, the copper coating was changed to split / mix s; Click the intelligent segmentation icon, draw the copper clad frame, and then click the right key, select the selection mode of anything, and move the cursor to the copper clad frame for segmentation; Finally, copper pouring!


Select the copper clad mode, draw the frame, right click, select shape, select the copper clad frame, and change the attribute to GND and flood; Finally, we need to remove the islands.

Note: before drawing the outline, you must change the layer to split / mix, otherwise you cannot select it! The next operation is the same as the previous introduction.

Finally, I would like to say that the display copper clad frame must be set in preferences – “split / mixed plane -” mixed plane display.

What is the difference between copper, copper pour, plane aera and auto separate when copper coating?


Copper pour: fast copper coating

Plane aera: intelligent copper clad / power supply, ground copper clad (the layer must be defined as split / mix in layer setup before use)

Auto separate: intelligent segmentation (after drawing the intelligent copper frame, if there are multiple networks, use this function module for segmentation)

2. Is 2D line used for segmentation?

It can be used in negative direction, but it is not safe enough.

3. Is it flood or tools – pot manager?

Flood: select the copper clad box and cover it with copper.

Pout Manager: it is used to operate all copper cladding.

First, draw a small copper covered area and cover it with copper; Then we can draw the big copper covered area!

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