Although capacitive touch technology has long become the standard equipment of smart phones, with Apple’s introduction of in cell (the method of embedding touch panel functions into LCD pixels) touch technology, manufacturers of the original plug-in touch technology have been greatly impacted, especially capacitive touch chip manufacturers.

Under the trend of integration of touch and display technologies, the mainstream capacitive touch chip manufacturers of smart phones have successively formed alliances with display panel chips, such as Synaptics’s acquisition of Renesas display driver chip business, Jingmen technology and spectral technology’s acquisition of ATMEL’s maxtouch product line and cypress’s truetouch product line respectively, and Taiwan’s capacitive touch chip manufacturers Duntai and Morningstar, They also acquired display driver chip manufacturers xuyao and Yili respectively in order to prepare for the general trend of display and touch technology integration.

Analysis of capacitive touch chip and pressure sensing technology

This kind of display and touch integration chip has gradually matured in 2016 since its introduction in 2015; In 2017, the market share was further increased by complementing the full screen design; In 2018, the scale is expected to more than double. Even after the capacity problem of wafer foundry is alleviated in 2019, it shows that touch integrated chip is expected to become one of the mainstream technologies. Therefore, capacitive touch chip manufacturers lacking relevant products may face more severe challenges.

Analysis of capacitive touch chip and pressure sensing technology

Since Samsung and apple successively adopted flexible AMOLED panels in their flagship models, the market demand for flexible AMOLED panels has been increasing, and the corresponding flexible touch technology has attracted more and more attention.

If Apple continues to adopt flexible AMOLED panels for new models in 2018, it can be expected that the market share of flexible touch technology will increase significantly in 2019. In addition, after the opening of flexible AMOLED panel capacity of Chinese panel manufacturers in the future, relevant manufacturers that have begun to cultivate flexible touch technology, including Chen Hong, GIS, oufeiguang (002456, Guba) of non Korean camp Smart phone touch module factories such as Xinli, and chip factories of flexible capacitor touch technologies such as Synaptics, Jingmen technology and Duntai technology are expected to usher in considerable business opportunities.

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