In fact, it is not difficult to find that the design of weak current wiring is very important. We must pay attention to it. This is the first step to realize digital home. Let’s think about it. If you want to add any new demand after the decoration, you can only take the open line. Of course, you may adopt wireless technology to realize it. However, there are many problems that cannot be solved by wireless connection at present, so mastering some knowledge of weak current wiring will definitely benefit a lot.

The weak current wiring system we mentioned is the fourth essential home infrastructure after water, electricity and gas. For the construction of digital family, this is a basic work and very important. The processing object of weak current is information, that is, information transmission and control. It is characterized by low voltage, low current, low power and high frequency. It mainly considers the effect of information transmission, such as fidelity, speed, breadth and reliability of information transmission. The pipe arrangement of weak current is almost the same as that of strong current, and PVC pipe should also be worn. The cross section of the line shall not exceed 40% of the cross section of the PVC pipe. Again, don’t wear too much, and strong current and weak current must not be worn in the same pipe. And try to separate them. The distance between strong current and weak current is at least 20 cm, otherwise there will be interference.

TV is a common way of family entertainment and leisure. The elderly and children at home have their own fixed viewing channels and “special columns”. If there is TV in each room, there will be no phenomenon of robbing the remote control. Maybe you will say that there is a cordless telephone. You can use it at that time, but in fact, no one will put a beautiful cordless telephone in the kitchen and bathroom. The things that used to shout all over the room and rush to answer the phone will not happen again, and your freedom to talk will be kept secret. The rooms can also talk to each other.

Internet, a word full of sense of the times, is also being integrated into our life. Sitting at home through the Internet, you can easily work, entertain and shop online, and really enjoy the convenience and comfort of staying at home and getting everything done. Nowadays, many cities in China have successively opened broadband IP man, and the concept of “broadband information community” has increasingly become the choice of families. We can provide not only broadband to the home, but also “broadband to the table” and “broadband to the bed” to any place you need! Make your online life better!

Many friends ignored the pre laying of the line during the decoration. After the decoration, they found that the two rear surrounds could not be solved. The laming line is not good-looking and unsafe. Dismantle it and redo it. It takes time and money, and it may destroy the overall effect of the decoration. Therefore, before decoration, friends who like music must not forget the wiring project of this system.

Many friends think that watching a movie is just going to the living room. Is it so troublesome? You have to go to the DVD in the room to control it. Simple things become complicated. Now with the advanced infrared learning remote control equipment, you can easily control the outside equipment in your own room without getting up. You can also listen to your favorite programs (Music) at night without affecting others’ rest. Why not.

When you come home after a hard day, you can relax freely, listen to music, feel the peace and warmth of your home, and the pressure of the day’s work will fade. Background music design according to your needs, set music points for you in any room including kitchen, bathroom, study and balcony, and transmit high fidelity music to each room through one or more sound sources. You can independently control the volume of each room according to your own needs.

Analysis of basic knowledge of weak current wiring in smart home

We should consider the needs for some time in the future when designing wiring. For example, in addition to setting up information points next to the computer desk and sofa, is it necessary to arrange information points in the kitchen to meet the needs of surfing the Internet occasionally during breakfast in the kitchen or smart refrigerator in the future? It is also a very insightful practice to arrange information points behind the TV cabinet. From game consoles, set-top boxes to televisions, we will soon see all kinds of home appliances equipped with RJ-45 Ethernet interface. At present, power line networking has begun to enter the actual stage.

Two category 5 4-Pair twisted pair cables can be introduced into each household, and 2-core optical fibers can also be set if necessary; Simultaneously lay 1-2 75 Ω coaxial cables and corresponding sockets; Each household should be equipped with a wall embedded family information access box. Each bedroom, study, living room and restaurant should be equipped with at least one information socket, or optical cable socket, and one cable TV socket, which can also be set according to the needs of users; The main toilet shall also be equipped with information socket for telephone; From each information socket, optical cable socket or cable TV socket to the wall buried family information access box, lay 1 class 5 4-Pair twisted pair cable, 2-core optical cable or 1 75 Ω coaxial cable; The box body of the wall embedded family information access box shall be in place at one time to meet the long-term needs.

The purpose of home weak current wiring is to share network, telephone, cable TV and other resources. It is best to have these three interfaces in the main room. Network, telephone and cable TV household frequency division equipment are generally one in and four out (many are also expensive). If it is two rooms and one living room, network, telephone and TV interfaces can be reserved in the living room, master bedroom and secondary bedroom, TV interface in the restaurant and telephone interface in the bathroom. If there are more rooms, you can choose to reserve; You can also run out the wires first and put them in the weak current distribution box. If necessary, you can replace the plugs leading to each room. Audio and video are different. Although they can be shared by frequency division, they can only provide signals for one terminal at the same time at home. I don’t think it’s necessary to leave an interface in each room.

To meet the requirements of sharing and interworking, weak current wiring must use frequency division or switching equipment. The switching equipment of the internal and external network of the network is a router (for LAN) or modem (for ADSL), that is, a cat. The price is about 300 yuan. The switching equipment of the internal network is a switch or hub. It is better to use a switch. The price is less than 200 yuan. The hub can be bought at 80-90 yuan now. There are routers with their own switches and cats with their own routes and switches in the market. The price is 300-500 yuan. It is recommended to use them. The telephone switching and frequency division equipment is a switch or junction box, which is also a good switch. The price is 100-200 yuan. The junction box is very cheap, but each room can’t communicate with each other and can’t bring more than 3 telephones; The frequency division equipment of TV is the frequency divider (Branch). Everyone should know.

The way to access the Internet is telephone direct dialing; ISDN is also called one-line communication; ADSL is also called super first-line communication; LAN is the Internet cable; And access to the Internet with cable TV lines and power lines. The first two of them are outdated and need not be considered; The latter two are not popular, but only in some places. ADSL and LAN are the mainstream at present. The theoretical transmission speed of ADSL is 8m / s, and LAN can reach 100M / s. however, telecom generally only opens 512k-2m bandwidth. The actual use is also limited by the line conditions, the number of users and the width of Telecom outlet. Generally, it can not reach the maximum value. At present, it is not certain which is faster when ADSL and LAN are used, However, the Internet cable should be the development direction, and priority should be given if possible.

If you want to surf the Internet in different rooms at the same time, you have two options: one is to install a built-in switch router or cat, the other is to install simulation software on one of the computers and use one computer as a proxy server. The price is that if other computers surf the Internet, the proxy server must be on. The first method is recommended. In addition, cats given by ADSL Telecom generally do not bring switches and have to buy them separately.

8-core network cable for weak current wiring network; Telephone line for telephone; Coaxial cable for cable TV. If there is a weak current distribution box, one bushing can be used for the three lines, which is more convenient. The network cable is eight core. At present, there are four in the family without practical use. You can borrow two as telephone lines, but the effect is not as good as walking alone. Telephone lines also have 2-core, 4-core and 6-core wires. There are also two wires useful at home. The quality of cables is very important (especially coaxial cables). My experience is that if signal interference or attenuation is found, more than 70% of the problems may be online, and the machine is less likely to be faulty. But now there are many fake and inferior cables, so we must pay attention to them when buying.

Special plugs and sockets shall be used for weak current wiring, and RJ45 head (also known as Anpu head / crystal head) and RJ45 head panel and module shall be used for network cable; RJ11 head and corresponding socket are used for telephone line; RJ45 head should be installed with special wire pliers and wire pestle. If you want to install it yourself, you have to buy it. And many weak current lines and sockets are not sold in the decoration market. Even if they are, they are too expensive. You can go to Anshan West Road and have a look. They are much cheaper. Note that the products of ampoule on the market are basically not real.

When wiring, the cable in the cassette should have a head of about 10 cm. If there is an error when connecting the plug, it can be recovered. If you haven’t considered the weak current routing in the future, you can arrange the pipeline and cassette, put the iron wire in the pipeline in advance, leave one end in the cassette and cover the blank panel; One end is left in the distribution box to facilitate future expansion. It doesn’t matter if you have no wiring for weak current during decoration and have requirements in this regard. All kinds of wireless transmission equipment are available now, but they are relatively expensive, and the standards have yet to be unified. They may be very popular in a few years.


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