Backlight Module Introduction

The backlight module is one of the key components of the LCD panel. The function is to supply sufficient brightness and evenly distributed light source so that it can display images normally.

The main components are: light source (Lightsource), light guide plate (lightguideplate), plastic frame (housing), reflector (Reflector), diffuser (Diffuser), brightening film (BEF, prism sheet), black and white glue (Curtain Tape) Wait. As the backlight requirements are getting thinner and thinner, some metal frames need to be added.

LCD panels are mainly composed of color filters, backlight modules, driver ICs, compensation films and polarizers, glass substrates, ITO films, alignment films, control circuits and other components. Since the LCD panel itself does not have luminous characteristics, it must be Use the backlight module to achieve the display function.

main components

Backlight group basic structure

What problems should be paid attention to in backlight die-cutting:

The traditional backlight die-cutting process is different from other die-cuts. The backlight die-cutting pays attention to specific materials and specific die-cutting processes. For example, the most important thing is to pay attention to the angle of the light-enhancing film. For this, it is necessary to adjust the die-cutting direction. , Die direction, backlight die-cutting processing pays attention to the matching of materials and the dominance of the manufacturing environment, the die-cutting process occupies the first focus, and the improvement of the process achieves the improvement of the qualified rate of the product.

How to control the precision of backlight die-cutting:

At present, in terms of the structure of the die-cutting machine in China, the matching between the link with the main rotating system and the manufacturing precision directly affect the speed and jump distance of the die-cutting machine. Another key is the manufacture of the die-cutting machine. The development and production of cutting die is based on a deep understanding of customer product demand information and a considerable understanding of materials. The information that the customer wants to express is presented on the design drawing, so the drawing should be reviewed first, and the customer’s requirements should be converted into their own technological process to present the final product.

What is the key to backlight die-cutting and waste disposal:

Backlight die-cutting is like shading plastic, and the inner frame is completely broken. Looking at the material, no matter what brand of black and white glue is, there will be extrusion and beveling during punching. That is to say, when the die carries foam When fully pressed down, the pressure will compress and deform the two layers of black and white glue. At this time, the lower layer of black and white glue is cut off by die punching. After the pressure disappears, we can see that the edge incision is oblique. The key to waste discharge is the angle, and the pulling force of the machine. The backlight die-cutting waste discharge first removes the waste of the inner frame, and then removes the edge material on both sides. The process is perfect.

Based on the above analysis, which die do you think is better to use? In order to reduce the degree of extrusion as much as possible, of course, a rubber plate die is selected, and if the amount is large, an aluminum plate die is used.

Summary: The analysis of backlight die-cutting technology will be shared with you here.
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