Analysis and design of mixed signal integrated circuits

There are many classification methods of integrated circuits. They can be classified according to circuit attributes and functions. Integrated circuits integrate analog and digital circuits on a single chip. According to circuit attributes, they can be divided into analog integrated circuits, digital integrated circuits and digital / analog hybrid integrated circuits.

The market share of digital integrated circuits accounts for the majority, and the share of analog digital integrated circuits is limited by the use. Mixed signal integrated circuit has smaller size and lower cost. It is mainly used in markets with rapid industrial change, high product differentiation and large integration demand.

Characteristics and advantages of mixed signal integrated circuits

1. Full angle layout editor with interactive / real-time DRC

2. Logic chip with strong specificity

3. Support open access, lef / def, liberty and SDF data formats

4. Complete whole process AMS integrated circuit design kit

The manufacturing process of mixed signal integrated circuit is complex, the power consumption is large, and the manufacturing process of unipolar integrated circuit is simple, which provides an efficient and reliable hardware foundation for digital signal processing.

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