Development prospect of UAV

High altitude long endurance

The old UAV has short dwell time, low flying altitude and small reconnaissance and surveillance area. It can not continuously obtain information, and even cause an intelligence “blind area”, which can not meet the needs of modern war. To this end, the U.S. Army has developed the “tier” II ultra-high altitude, long endurance UAV.

Stealth UAV

In order to deal with the increasing threat of ground air defense firepower, many advanced stealth technologies have been applied to the development of UAV. First, composite materials, radar absorbing materials and low-noise engines are used. For example, in addition to the main beam, almost all of the US “tier” II UAVs use graphite synthetic materials, and the engine air outlet and satellite communication antenna are specially designed. When the flight altitude is more than 300 meters, human ears cannot hear; Above 900 meters, it is invisible to the naked eye. The second is to use the limited infrared light reflection technology, paint the fuselage surface with a special paint that can absorb infrared light, and inject anti infrared radiation chemicals into the engine fuel. Third, reduce the gap on the fuselage surface and reduce the radar reflection surface. Fourth, the charging surface coating also has the characteristics of discoloration: from the ground up, the UAV has the same color as the sky; Looking down from the air, the UAV presents the same color as the earth.

Air early warning

The US military believes that the air reconnaissance system in the 21st century is mainly composed of UAVs. The US military plans to replace the E-3 and E-8 manned early warning aircraft with early warning UAVs, calling them the main force of aviation reconnaissance in the 21st century.

Aerial fighting

Attacking UAV is an important development direction of UAV. Because the UAV can be deployed in advance, it can destroy the incoming missile at a long distance from the defense target, so as to effectively overcome the shortcomings of long reaction time, short interception distance and damage to the defense target caused by the debris of “Patriot” or C-300 anti missile missiles. For example, the German “Dar” attack UAV can effectively deal with a variety of ground to air missiles and open up an air channel for its own attack aircraft. The Israeli “habi” anti radiation UAV has the ability of automatic search, all-weather attack and simultaneous attack on multiple targets.

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UAV will greatly change urban and rural life

Today, both urban and rural areas are changing due to the emergence of UAVs. If you live in rural areas, you will be amazed at the outstanding performance of UAVs in improving transportation capacity in remote areas and improving agricultural production efficiency; If you are a member of the city, you will also be surprised to see the extraordinary role of UAV in solving turtle speed logistics and urban planning and construction management. In this era when technology engulfs the world, UAVs are penetrating into people’s daily life like air, in crowded big cities and villages at the other end.

In rural areas, from the moment UAVs fly into farmland, it means that the mode of agricultural production will change again. Because UAVs are providing a modern, efficient and low-cost plant protection method for agriculture and helping farmers gradually improve agricultural operation methods. In traditional agricultural production, farmers rely on experience in fertilizing, spraying pesticides and preventing diseases and pests. In the process of operation, they do everything personally for each piece of land and crops. This extensive operation mode has high intensity and low efficiency. UAV will be an important means to transform from heavy manual labor, high cost and low benefit to liberating productivity, low cost and high benefit. The deepening and use of UAV technology will make the existing farmland farming more efficient, resource-saving and environment-friendly.

In many remote mountainous areas, poor roads completely isolate farmers from the outside world at some time of the year. We can’t provide them with medicinal materials in a reliable way. They can’t collect the supply of key materials, nor can they transport their products to the market to create sustainable income.

Imagine this scenario. You are in a relief area in Africa. Patients need emergency blood transfusion. What would you do? Ask for help through your mobile phone. I believe someone will respond to your help soon. However, it may take many days for the blood to arrive because the road is too bad. Therefore, in remote and underdeveloped rural areas, another important application of UAV is to provide us with a way to quickly cross bad roads and transport light and small materials.

At this end of the social group, in remote and underdeveloped areas, UAVs provide us with a shortcut through bad roads. In the city, UAV can be used as a new means of transportation to make our urban life more convenient. In today’s world, half of the people on earth live in cities and 500 million people live in megacities. Traffic congestion is a huge problem in big cities and megacities. It is used to transport light, small and urgent things, and provide a completely modern solution to the logistics turtle speed problem caused by traffic jam.

In the rapidly changing cities, in addition to providing logistics solutions, UAVs can also provide various basic geographic information and law enforcement evidence for urban planning, construction and management, such as urban road and bridge construction, traffic patrol, public security monitoring, urban law enforcement and so on. A typical application case: when we are in urban planning, we often need more detailed urban land use information. If we conduct manual exploration, the workload is very huge, and these information about urban residential land, road traffic, public buildings, etc. can be clearly interpreted and extracted from unmanned aerial photography.

A space for one person awesome is needed to help the modern city to the smart city. UAV will be applied in a broader field.


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