On June 30, China Mobile and Qualcomm successfully realized and demonstrated the industry's first unbounded XR technology demonstration based on 5G slice-based split-rendering. This demonstration opens a new chapter for the application and innovation of 5G slicing technology in the XR field.
The end-to-edge collaborative separation rendering XR technology demonstration based on 5G slicing is a Xiaomi smartphone (equipped with the Snapdragon mobile platform) that uses the iQIYI Qiyu Dream Pro VR all-in-one machine (equipped with the Snapdragon XR2 platform) and the China Mobile terminal slicing solution. The 5G femtocell (based on the Qualcomm FSM100 5G RAN platform) jointly developed by China Mobile Research Institute and Shiju has been jointly completed. It has verified end-to-end that under the end-to-end collaborative separation rendering architecture, XR users can use the 5G-provided High-speed and low-latency transmission is used to coordinate real-time rendering on the edge cloud side, and combined with local optimized rendering on the XR terminal side to provide a low-latency immersive and unbounded XR experience, allowing future XR users to enjoy lifelike visual effects and unfettered XR anytime, anywhere. The experience lays a solid foundation. Relying on the high-bandwidth, low-latency, and high-performance customized service capabilities provided by China Mobile's 5G slicing technology, the demonstration further verifies the horizontal expansion capability of 5G technology, which can support the large-scale development of new services such as borderless XR with end-to-end collaborative separation rendering. commercialization at scale. In addition, the demonstration further verifies that 5G femtocells can provide an excellent high-speed experience for multiple simultaneous XR users.

Huang Yuhong, President of China Mobile Research Institute, said: "As a leading mobile communication operator in China, China Mobile has been actively exploring the 'business-network-computing' integrated solution for XR, how to use 5G slicing technology to enable 5G end users Obtaining a better user experience is a key part of this, and this time a breakthrough has been achieved in the demonstration. This unbounded XR technology demonstration is realized by adopting the Modem-Centric introduced in the "5G Smart Terminal Slicing White Paper" of China Mobile Research Institute. It is of great significance to promote the commercial progress of 5G slicing services and is another milestone achievement in the field of 5G smart terminal slicing. In addition, the femtocell used in this demonstration will provide more advanced services for the application of emerging services such as unbounded XR in smart home scenarios. Excellent internet service."
"Qualcomm is committed to driving the mobile ecosystem forward through 5G end-to-end optimization and bringing great 5G to new use cases and experiences for XR devices and beyond," said John Smee, senior vice president of engineering at Qualcomm. System performance. This Unbounded XR technology demonstration brings together three core technologies of the Metaverse – XR, 5G and edge cloud computing. It is a success in translating the capabilities, concepts and flexibility of 5G design into innovative enhanced experiences Practice. This demonstrates the company's technological innovation and leadership for the next decade to continue driving 5G and the Metaverse."

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