October 13, 2020 – Amway Technology (China) Co., Ltd. (Amway China) today officially released “Zhouyi” z2aipu (aiprocessing unit). The single accounting power can reach up to 4TOPS, which is twice the single accounting power of “Zhouyi” z1aipu. At the same time, Amway China supports the scalable configuration of up to 32 cores, so as to realize the powerful computing power of 128tops in a single SOC. Zhouyi z2aipu extends the architecture of Zhouyi Aipu and optimizes its micro architecture, thus reducing the chip area by 30%. When running some neural network models, the performance can be improved by 100% under the same computing power configuration. In addition, “Zhouyi” z2aipu also optimizes the memory subsystem, upgrades advanced bandwidth saving technology (abst), and adds Feature Map Compression Technology in addition to the existing weight compression technology in the first generation. The new “Zhouyi” z2aipu will be mainly oriented to high-end security, intelligent cockpit, ADAS, edge server and other application scenarios.

Liu Shu, executive vice president of R & D of Amway China, said: “in November 2018, Amway China released the” Zhouyi “artificial intelligence platform, among which” Zhouyi “z1aipu is the first domestic R & D IP Product officially released after the establishment of Amway China joint venture. In the past year or so, Zhouyi z1aipu has won the trust of many Chinese customers, and its partners including Quanzhi technology have completed the research and development of products based on Zhouyi z1aipu. Today, we are very happy to launch the new “Zhouyi” z2aipu, which continues the core features and advantages of the architecture and programmability of the “Zhouyi” series Aipu. It not only ensures our partners’ R & D and software investment on the “Zhouyi” platform, but also opens up a wider range of chip products based on the “Zhouyi” Aipu with higher computing power and scalability A wide range of AI applications. “

Zhouyi Aipu is an innovative AI special processor independently developed by Amway China for deep learning. It adopts innovative architecture design, provides complete hardware and software ecology, and has the best balance of PPA. Zhouyi Aipu defines a new set of instructions for AI algorithm, which drives the vector processing unit and the fixed AI algorithm processing unit through the instructions, so as to complete the combination operation of various complex networks. Zhouyi Aipu can support all kinds of AI computing, and has good security, which can protect user data and AI algorithm.

“Zhouyi” Aipu not only has complete programmability, but also has the high efficiency of fixed AI computing unit. The combination of the two forms a relatively balanced platform AI solution, which can support different developers and OEM manufacturers to customize the classic network, and at the same time, it can add some computing demands with its own characteristics.

Amway China also provides many tools for Zhouyi Aipu customers to help them develop, including emulators, compilers and debuggers for data collection and analysis. On top of the software framework, through armcomputelibrary or partner’s editing heterogeneous computing library, it supports many popular interfaces such as armnn and Android NN, as well as partner’s own OS and runtime framework. After accessing the driver layer provided by Android China, it can work normally. “Zhouyi” Aipu also supports mainstream AI scale frameworks in the industry, including tensorflow, onnx, etc., and will support more different expansion frameworks in the future.

Chen Feng, vice president of Quanzhi technology, congratulated the official release of Zhouyi z2aipu, and said: “since Quanzhi adopted Zhouyi z1aipu to customize r329ai voice dedicated chip, in the intelligent speech recognition scene, through AI instruction expansion and algorithm hardware acceleration, it has more than 10 times the efficiency of traditional chip; and through the innovation of chip architecture, it has provided support for end-to-side speech recognition ASR, TTS and even NLP provide the foundation for landing. These achievements are all due to the good communication and cooperation between the two sides and the professional responsibility of Amway’s local R & D team, which provides in-depth and reliable technical services and support for the product R & D of Quanzhi r329. In the future, Quanzhi technology and Amway China will always maintain a high degree of strategic cooperation, and Amway China has always been an important partner of Quanzhi technology, hoping to become an important partner in the future On the long-term development of both sides in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, artificial intelligence and other fields. “

Yang Xinxin, vice president of Xinqing technology, said: “I’m very glad to see the release of Zhouyi z2aipu, which is self-developed by anmou China. Amway China is a very important partner of Xinqing. Through the powerful computing power and flexible configuration of Z2, we can perfectly realize the landing of artificial intelligence in automobile application scenarios. We hope that the cooperation between Xinqing and AMRO China will provide the best products for smart cars, smart cities and smart life. “

Tang Hu, general manager of Tongfang Weishi artificial intelligence R & D center, said: “we are cooperating with anmou China on neural network processor. I wish Zhouyi platform better and better development.”

Zhouyi z2aipu supports three configurations, namely, z2-1104 of 4TOPS, z2-1002 of 2tops and z2-0901 of 1tops. At present, the development of Lac version has been completed, and EAC versions of all configurations will be provided to Chinese customers before the end of the year. It is expected that the customer chip carrying “Zhouyi” z2aipu will be available in 2021.

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