AMS reports the financial performance for the whole year of 21 years

Recently, AMS OSRAM (VI: AMS), the global leader in optical solutions, reported the group’s financial performance for the whole year and the fourth quarter of 2021. “Our business achieved healthy full year performance and very robust performance in the fourth quarter, and the adjusted profitability of the quarter was at the midpoint of our guidance range. We are pleased to report that, driven by the strong performance of our automotive business, despite the negative impact on our consumer business as mentioned above, the combined company achieved positive revenue of $5.78 billion / 5.038 billion in the first fiscal year Billion euros. In the last quarter, against the background of continuous supply chain imbalance and OEM production reduction, our automotive business performed well, and the contribution of our consumer, industrial and medical businesses also met expectations, “commented Alexander everke, CEO of AMS OSRAM.

“Since march2021, we have been very successful in integrating OSRAM, achieved major steps and achieved our goal milestones in various business areas. On our way to readjust and shape our future portfolio, we announced three disposals, dissolved the joint venture between OSRAM and Continental, and are promoting the remaining disposals, including the business related to the former joint venture. At the same time, I am very pleased We are glad to see that our extensive integration plan has made very good progress and the positive momentum within our team. Our synergy creation plan is also proceeding exactly as expected and advancing as expected, “everke stressed.

“The market imbalance continued until the second half of 2021, especially in the automotive market. Due to the reduction of OEM production, the automotive supply chain revenue was delayed. From today’s point of view, we expect this situation to continue to affect our market for a long time this year. At the same time, we are ensuring our capacity availability and are ready to meet the recovered customers after the supply chain and production fluctuations begin to subside Customer demand. Last year, supply chain imbalances also affected some areas of our consumer business. “

Cytiva helps India’s biopharmaceutical ecosystem

Cytiva and the biological incubation center for start-ups Bangalore Biological Innovation Center (BBC) agreed to jointly support start-ups and academic ecosystems in the local biopharmaceutical industry by providing a skills development platform and an industry-oriented bioprocessing training program. The BBC was established by the Karnataka Innovative Technology Association (kits) and the Karnataka government with funding from the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) of the government of India.

Vaggu raghavandra Goud, general manager of cytiva South Asia, said: “for more than 30 years, cytiva has been supporting the Indian biotechnology industry. With the rapid development of the industry, the demand for talents is also increasing. This cooperation enables us to use our global knowledge and expertise to support the BBC, local biotechnology companies and academia to meet the demand for technical talents.”

Talent is critical to all industries, but given the complexity of the industry, talent is particularly important to the biopharmaceutical industry. According to cytiva’s global biopharmaceutical elasticity index, the talent pool is the weakest link in the global biopharmaceutical industry. In the biopharmaceutical elasticity index, 65% of Indian respondents said that finding talents in technology, manufacturing and R & D was a major challenge. Therefore, the demand for cooperation is expected to be high.

Maize stock bt610 Starter Kit

Mouser electronics, a global authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components focusing on the introduction of new products, will stock up the sentrius of Laird connectivity today ™ Ig60-bl654 and bt610 starter kit. The suite adopts the new wireless Internet of things gateway in Laird connectivity’s growing range of Internet of things devices. It can safely and reliably connect Bluetooth enabled sensors to the cloud. It can easily provide various functions required to start the wireless Internet of things (IOT) proof of concept in just a few minutes.

The Laird connectivity sentrius ig60-bl654 and bt610 starter kit of MAOZe electronics includes sentrius ig60-bl654 gateway with Amazon Web services (AWS), three bt610 Bluetooth 5 sensors and three thermistor cable assemblies for temperature detection. Engineers can obtain data from bt610 sensors, collect these sets of data through ig60-bl654 gateway, then send the data to the cloud through AWS IOT Greengrass, and realize rapid on-site provisioning through available IOS and Android mobile applications.

Ig60-bl654 gateway is based on Laird connectivity’s series 60 module, bl654 embedded Bluetooth module and Nordic semiconductor nrf52840 system on chip (SOC), providing a powerful platform for Bluetooth 5 remote sensor to cloud applications. The combination of Bluetooth and Wi Fi enables users to capture data from Bluetooth 5 sensors, add edge intelligence, and send data to the cloud through high-performance 802.11ac Wi Fi.

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