· Ampere ™ Altra ™ Is a compatible processor product portfolio, will launch the industry’s first series of products with the largest number of cores (128) – ampere ™ Altra Max ™

·In order to optimize the performance under specific workload and meet the needs of different customers, Ampere’s cloud native processor series has launched different products

·The 128 core ampere Altra Max is compatible with the 80 core ampere Altra processor

·Ampere will provide Altra Max samples in the fourth quarter of 2020

Ampere launches the industry's first cloud native processor family with the largest number of cores

Beijing, China (June 24, 2020) – ampere computing announced today its plans for the future development of its ampere Altra processor family. In March this year, ampere Altra, the “first cloud native processor” released by ampere, has 80 64 bit arm processor cores. Today, ampere disclosed the preliminary information of the extended member of its cloud native processor family, ampere Altra max. the product will have 128 cores, which can provide customers with optimized cloud computing processors to maximize the overall performance of a single chip and the deployment density of rack cores.

The application of ampere Altra Max will give full play to the advantages of horizontal expansion and elastic Cloud Architecture. It is compatible with Altera processor with 80 cores and supports dual server platform. In addition, it will bring the highest slot level performance and I / O scalability to the industry. Altra Max samples and more details are expected to be available in the fourth quarter of this year.

“We launched the industry’s first cloud native processor, the 80 core processor ampere Altra, in March this year,” said Renee James, founder and CEO of ampere. Today, we announced the expansion of the ampere Altra product line with the introduction of our first 128 core processor, with samples available in the fourth quarter. We know that we need to launch different products to meet the needs of customers, and can achieve the optimal performance under a specific workload. It’s a pleasure to share with you our rapid progress and our commitment to continue to provide our customers with industry-leading products in terms of performance and energy efficiency. “

Ampere recently completed the 5 nm test chip for internal verification, in order to realize its commitment to provide new products every year.

The ampere Altra family provides the flexibility to address a variety of workloads, and ampere is working with partners in the ecosystem to meet the specific needs of customers.

In addition, some customers have started to provide platforms based on ampere Altra.

Quotations from ecological partners

“Cloudflare is deeply interested in the Ampere Altra processor and its innovaTIve architecture. We have started evaluaTIng Ampere Altra and are excited with the preliminary performance benchmarks we are seeing. We will share these performance metrics of Ampere Altra later in the year. Cloudflare is also excited to be engaged with Ampere on the A mpere Altra Max processor with 128 cores and can’t wait to test it. ”

NiTIn Rao, Head of Global Infrastructure, Cloudflare.

“We are excited to announce GenyMoTIon has been ported to Ampere platforms. Customers who are using our cloud-based Android virtual devices demand scalability and the performance boost of running Arm native applications on an Arm-based server. It is exciting to see a high performant Arm server processor, Ampere Altra, available now. Ampere Altra enables unparalleled scalability and density to run our Android virtual devices on the cloud ”

Tim Danford, Chief Executive Officer, Genymobile.

“NVIDIA has moved quickly to bring its CUDA-X collection of libraries, tools, and technologies to deliver GPU acceleration to the thriving Arm ecosystem. We are happy to collaborate with Ampere and partners building reference designs that demonstrate the best combinations of GPU and CPU performance optimized for accelerated computing.”

Duncan Poole, Director of Platform Alliances, NVIDIA.

“We are excited to extend our partnership with Ampere by providing early access to their new Ampere Altra processors. Our shared passion for pushing the boundaries of performance for cloud-native applications is complemented by an equally deep commitment to engaging with the software ecosystem early and often. With this early access program our users, and the community at large, can experience what‘s next with silicon, today.”

Zac Smith, Managing Director of Bare Metal Packet, an Equinix Company.

“We are excited to offer Ampere products to our customers in the coming months. Adding the Ampere Altra processor and associated servers to our portfolio will enable Phoenics to provide our customers with key solutions for cloud, storage, edge and other server applications.”

Peter Rooks, President , Phoenics Electronics, an Avnet Company.

“At Scaleway we strive to provide diversity of architectures tailored to meet the variety of cloud workloads our customers run. We were among the first to offer Arm and Arm64 based virtual instances and bare-metal systems in the cloud. The new Ampere Altra processor brings us a new world of performance on Arm64 architecture, and enables new cross usage in the cloud for all sizes of workloads. We are pleased to work closely with Ampere and are delighted to say that we’re evaluating Ampere Altra for the new breeze of our Arm64 cloud instances in late 2020.”


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