Shanghai, China – Amou China today released a new “Linglong” multimedia product line, the first of which is the “Linglong” i3/i5 ISP processor, which was independently developed by Amou’s local team in China. The indicators have reached the industry-leading level, with high image quality, low latency, strong configurability, and high expansion compatibility. This ISP processor can be widely used in video and image processing in the fields of security monitoring, AIoT and smart cars, to meet the data processing needs of different scenarios.

Liu Shu, executive vice president of product development at Arm China, said: “In recent years, with the development of intelligence and networking, video image processing has been widely used in many fields such as smart security, AIoT, and smart cars. Benefiting from these applications in China With the rapid development of China’s ISP market, China’s ISP market is characterized by rapid growth and diverse needs. For this reason, Arm China established a local team and independently developed the industry-leading ‘Linglong’ i3/i5 ISP processor for more than 2 years. During the research and development process, we have always focused on the needs of Chinese customers and continued to promote the evolution and iteration of the solution, which not only highlights Arm China’s first-class R&D strength and technical reserves in the ISP field, but also further enhances Arm China’s rapid response and comprehensive support to local customers. technical support capabilities.”

“Linglong” ISP processors are divided into several series of products according to the data processing requirements of different scenarios. The i3 series released today is mainly aimed at low-power and lightweight application scenarios, supporting 2K video processing and single-channel video signal access processing; the i5 series is mainly for mid-to-high-end market applications, supporting 4K video and multi-channel video signal access processing. In the future, “Linglong” ISP processors will also launch more differentiated product series to fully cover the market.

“Linglong” ISP processor overview

The “Linglong” i3/i5 ISP processor has the following technical highlights:

· Flexible and configurable hardware architecture, customers can choose optional modules for integration

Diverse working modes, compatible with linear, raw/compressed HDR data, single and multiple camera inputs, support for ultra-high resolution split-screen processing

· DMA interface data input and output mode can be configured, can output data in different formats in multiple ISP nodes

The software API interface is rich, and the image effect debugging process is simple and clear

· Provide a wealth of software and hardware reference designs, such as calibration tools, tuning tools and MIPI to DVP digital circuits, etc.

In the previous market feedback, the “Linglong” i3/i5 ISP processor performed well in the wide dynamic processing effect and signal-to-noise ratio processing level that the industry values ​​highly. Relying on Arm China’s leading algorithm technology combining digital wide dynamic and fusion wide dynamic, “Linglong” i3/i5 ISP processor achieves pixel-level local wide dynamic adaptive improvement, and adopts multi-scale and multi-level noise reduction technology, To support 2D/3D adaptive noise reduction, achieve industry-leading signal-to-noise ratio performance. The “Linglong” i3/i5 ISP processor is also equipped with a wealth of system interrupt and debugging interfaces, featuring low latency and low system bandwidth, and can provide technical support for image quality tuning.

In order to meet the complex and changing needs of customers in different industries, “Linglong” i3/i5 ISP processors will provide customers with comprehensive technical support from early evaluation to final mass production. Arm China not only provides customers with a wealth of ISP image effect evaluation methods, detailed design documents and training support, but also provides in-depth customized services such as IP integration and back-end reference processes.

“Linglong” i3/i5 and subsequent ISP processor products can meet the diverse needs of different scenarios. In the future, the excellent signal processing capabilities of the “Linglong” ISP processor can also be combined with the AI ​​processor to achieve the powerful effect of AI+ISP in areas such as intelligent security.

At present, “Linglong” i3/i5 ISP processors can be delivered to customers.

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