Approaching the Spring Festival, many friends must have begun to buy “New Year’s goods”, or to update their peripheral equipment, or to visit relatives and friends. Recently, the China Enterprise Brand Research Center released the latest data. Huawei ranked first in the customer satisfaction index of China’s smart speakers in 2019, with a NPs (net recommended value) of 89.1, far exceeding the industry average of 78.6.

What is NPs? NPs is a standard KPI for product analysis, which is used to measure the user’s recommendation intention for brand, product and service. The score is between – 100 and 100. The higher the score, the more positive the user’s feeling for product or service. Well known enterprises at home and abroad, such as apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Qiqi, Wal Mart, Ping An of China, tmall, Tencent, ant financial services, Didi travel, etc., all adopt NPs to enhance customer experience and cultivate loyal customers, which shows the professional authority of the data.

Among Huawei’s smart speaker families, Huawei sound x is the best. As the first smart speaker that Huawei cooperates with tivare, the world’s top three sound brands, its sound quality is naturally guaranteed. Although tivare is a relatively small brand in China, it has won numerous awards for audio technology in the world, and has a high reputation among professional enthusiasts. Huawei sound x is equipped with two subwoofers tuned by tivare. In addition, tivare’s exclusive Sam bass enhancement patent technology is built in.

The two tivare subwoofers not only have a peak bass power of up to 60W, but also use high magnetic Nd-Fe-B rare earth materials, which are often used in high-end loudspeakers, so that the thrust is further improved and the transient response ability of the loudspeakers is enhanced. With tivare’s unique push push symmetrical acoustic design and Sam bass enhancement technology, the former can effectively offset the back wave interference generated by the two loudspeakers, creating a noiseless and energetic sound effect experience, while the latter can precisely adjust the output signal of the power amplifier through the algorithm to create a sound effect experience with strong sense of hierarchy and presence.

Among Huawei's smart speaker family, Huawei sound x is the most eye-catching

In daily use, when Huawei sound X’s double bass speakers play the bass part of a song, the maximum amplitude produced by the speakers can reach 20 mm, creating a surging feeling visible to the naked eye. Only 80% of the volume is needed, and the shocking listening effect is enough to make the whole room high. In the Spring Festival, when families get together to watch movies, the ultimate experience brought by an excellent sound quality speaker is particularly important.

Of course, as a new year gift, Huawei sound X’s appearance is also worth mentioning. In terms of appearance, Huawei sound x adopts streamline + cylinder body design. The upper part of the body uses coating finishing technology to bring bright and transparent glaze, while the lower part adopts one-piece seamless coating process. The black of the whole body gives people a deep and energetic feeling. It is not difficult to find that the elegant and compact Huawei sound x is not only a speaker, but also a decoration for the family environment.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei sound x, which locates high-end smart speakers, also has an intelligent user experience suitable for all ages, and has become one of its major items. Huawei sound x supports one touch transmission function. Users only need to touch the speaker with their mobile phone, and the music being played can be put into the speaker through Bluetooth. In addition, sound x also supports spatial intelligence perception. No matter where the speaker is placed in the room, it can use spatial intelligence perception technology to automatically adjust the sound effect according to the location of the speaker.

In terms of sound source, there is no need to worry. Huawei sound x brings together two platforms, Huawei music and kugou music, with tens of millions of high-quality music and 200000 + hi res sound sources. Hi res members can enjoy kugou sq level high-quality music at the same time. At the same time, we will work with partners such as Himalaya, Fandeng reading club, dragonfly FM, bewa nursery rhymes, pocket stories, etc. to let you have massive audio content.

Compared with the traditional multi speaker combination, Huawei sound x stereo package also achieves the same uniform and comfortable 360 sound as the traditional home stereo ° Surround sense of space, while supporting the dual speaker stereo mode, can cooperate ensemble, so that the sound effect more telepresence and sense of hierarchy, so as to bring the rich experience of cinema.

In general, with new breakthroughs in appearance, sound quality and intelligent operation, Huawei sound x stereo package has raised the upper limit of intelligent speakers again, so that you can feel the immersive listening experience in cinemas without leaving home. When the Spring Festival is approaching, it is a good choice to purchase a set of Huawei sound x stereo set for your own use or to give it to others when visiting relatives and friends.


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