·The resolution of CSG image sensor series can reach 13.8 million pixels and the speed can reach 231 frames / s, which provides more flexible performance choices for designers of industrial vision equipment

·The sensor of the system is suitable for the optical target size of standard camera in optical detection equipment and other industrial applications. Csg14k is 1 “and csg8k is 1 / 1.1”

·CSG image sensor is based on the new pixel design of Ames semiconductor, which can provide high quality image with low noise and wide dynamic range even under severe conditions

·At the same time, it is suitable for security monitoring, intelligent transportation, broadcast video and other industries

China, January 28, 2021 – amsag, the world’s leading supplier of high-performance sensor solutions, today launched a new series of image sensors, the CSG series, enabling manufacturers to develop advanced industrial vision devices that achieve higher resolution at extremely high frame rates. The new csg14k and csg8k sensors support the standard 1 “or 1 / 1.1” optical target size respectively, which enables factory operators using high-speed detection equipment to improve the quality and have better failure detection on the premise of improving production capacity

Csg14k is a global shutter image sensor, which can combine the high resolution of 13.8 million pixels with high-speed operation performance: in the full resolution 10 bit mode, the maximum image capture rate of the sensor can reach 140 frames / S; in the 12 bit mode, it can reach 93.6 frames / s. Csg8k can achieve higher speed: 231 frames / s in 10 bit mode of 8 megapixel full resolution; 155 frames / s in 12 bit mode. Both products are global shutter image sensors that perform true correlated double sampling (true CDs) to capture clear images of fast moving objects without motion artifacts.

CSG image sensor with standard optical target has high-speed and high-resolution characteristics, so it is an ideal choice for industry, security monitoring, intelligent transportation system (ITS) and broadcast video applications. In PCB assembly and other industrial applications, CSG sensor improves the image quality and frame rate, which makes automatic optical inspection (AOI) camera more efficient and accurate than before to detect defects, such as electronic components missing or improperly mounted.

The new series of sensors launched by Ames semiconductor today are powerful and can work in six modes, including the grading mode. When working in online scanning or windowing mode, the effective frame rate can be much higher than the nominal frame rate at full resolution.

“AOI is a critical part of the quality control process in modern factories,” said Peter vandersteegen, marketing manager of the CMOS image sensor business at Ames semiconductor. CSG image sensor can achieve excellent frame rate and resolution, providing an easy way for industrial camera manufacturers to improve product performance, thus helping customers improve throughput, productivity and quality. And all of these are implemented in the same standard optical format. “

High performance can be achieved in any case

CSG series sensors provide excellent image quality even under severe conditions. They are among the first products to benefit from the new pixel technology of Ames semiconductor, which boasts low noise and high sensitivity, as well as high dynamic range and the ability to operate sensors in HDR mode. With these features, csg14k and csg8k global shutter sensors can produce clear and delicate images even in dim light.

The sensor has a sub LVDS data interface, which is similar to the CMV series image sensors of Ames semiconductor. Both sensors are packaged in 20mmx22mmlga, with the same size and pin arrangement, and software compatibility. The aspect ratio of csg14k is 1:1, which is suitable for 29mmx29mmc industrial camera. The aspect ratio of csg8k is 16:9, which is suitable for video applications.

Because these sensors share a common hardware platform and common interface, it is easy for camera manufacturers to build multiple product variants based on the same hardware design, so as to easily meet different customer preferences for speed, resolution and aspect ratio with low development cost.

Csg14k and csg8k sensors are now available for sample supply.

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