The csg14k image sensor newly launched by Ames Semiconductor provides 12 bit output with a resolution of 14m pixels for high-throughput manufacturing and optical detection applications

AMS Ag today launched a new global shutter image sensor for machine vision and automatic optical inspection (AOI) equipment, which can provide better image quality and higher throughput than previous products that support 1-inch optical format.

The new csg14k image sensor uses a 3840 x 3584 pixel array to provide 14m pixel resolution, and the frame rate is much higher than other similar products on the market today. The 12 bit output of csg14k provides sufficient dynamic range to deal with scenes and objects with wide dynamic range. The sensor’s global shutter combined with real CDs (correlated double sampling technology) can capture high-quality images of fast-moving objects without motion artifacts.

Thanks to the innovative design of the sensor with 3.2 µ m x 3.2 µ M pixels, csg14k has excellent performance and resolution. Compared with the previous generation of 10 bit image sensor of Ames semiconductor, the pixel design of the new generation of products is 66% smaller, and provides 12 bit output and significant reduction of noise.

Csg14k’s excellent image quality and speed are very important advantages for high-throughput production settings, so that machine vision equipment can capture clearer and more accurate images when objects move on the production line at a higher speed. The sensor is suitable for a variety of applications, such as automatic optical inspection (AOI), sorting equipment, laser triangulation, other measuring instruments and robots.

Csg14k provides various configuration settings so that the sensor can be adjusted according to specific application requirements. Configuration options include low power mode at low frame rate, noise optimization and high dynamic mode. The device adopts sub LVDS output interface, which is compatible with the existing CMV image sensor series of Ames semiconductor.

Csg14k is packaged in LGA, 218 pins and 22mm x 20mm x 3mm in size. It is compatible with the 1-inch lens commonly used in the design of widely used small cameras.

Tom walscap, marketing director of CMOS image sensor division of Ames semiconductor, said: “Future advances in factory automation technology will drive today’s machine vision devices to break their own functional limitations. Csg14k’s breakthrough in image quality and performance provides space for machine vision system manufacturers to support new and higher throughput rates while providing valuable improvements in image quality and resolution.”

The samples of csg14k will be supplied in the first half of 2019.

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