American companies spend 100 million to build artificial intelligence

If we talk about AI, we may not be unfamiliar with it. It is around us, such as Siri of “guofen” and Xiaoai of “rice noodle”. Even when shopping on e-commerce platforms, artificial intelligence is involved in many push messages.

Is China the most advanced country in AI? Unfortunately, it’s not. But in the application of artificial intelligence, China is the first in the world; the United States is a more developed country in artificial intelligence. In the 1950s of last century, McKinsey and other AI teachers were studying chess.

By the end of the last century, when China’s Internet was just starting, the United States had been studying speech recognition, but its application was still ahead of China. China Science and technology Xunfei’s speech recognition application “hung” Google in translation. Now image recognition is also the strongest in the United States, with many models. The most famous open source is Yolo (you only look once), but it is still the strongest application in Ali.

However, recently, openai, a famous artificial intelligence organization in the United States, spent 100 million to build an AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine called gpt-3, which claims to be able to replace human beings. After careful consideration, it seems that it can really replace human beings. At the very least, everyone here is going to lose their jobs.

American companies spend $100 million to build Ai engines that claim to be able to replace humans

Liberal arts students bear the brunt

Why is it that everyone here is going to lose their jobs? Liberal arts students are the first to bear the brunt, because since the advent of a computer, in fact, a lot of liberal arts knowledge can no longer be memorized, and computers can help them remember. What information they need can be found by opening the computer.

As a major field of computer application, artificial intelligence can “learn”, “reason”, “image recognition”, “speech recognition” and “adapt to the environment”. Let alone liberal arts students, many science students with professional skills are in danger. Therefore, not for liberal arts students, but for all of you here, you may be unemployed.

This gpt-3 has powerful functions. It can realize Q & A. many “artificial mental retardants” can’t pass this barrier. Even it can solve English reading problems. Moreover, the education industry has to reshuffle. Science students should not be complacent. This AI can even solve the front-end construction of programmers.

So in the future, college students may lose their jobs and have insufficient education. What should we do?

Limitations of artificial intelligence

But don’t worry, this kind of thing will not happen. Take a historical example, when the car just came out, there were many coachmen who were going to lose their jobs. If they lost their jobs, they would have no income, no income, no consumption, no production. The operation of the whole society would be greatly affected. This is called bad money driving out good money.

Therefore, despite the overwhelming advantages of artificial intelligence in technology, human society is very special. It is not to say that products are good, they will be widely used; in fact, artificial intelligence is defective, because it is a program, the program needs data support, and a large amount of data should be written in advance. The professional name is “feeding”, and AI can “learn”.

So don’t panic at the moment, but who can predict the future? The cars that were rejected by Britain are now full of cars, so we should be prepared.

Conclusion: what to do?

This kind of artificial intelligence gpt-3 developed by openai in the United States is really powerful. It’s worth 100 million yuan. We should also adapt to the development of the times and find our core competitiveness. We should master these tools, let them help us, liberate our brains, and give them the work of memory.

The use of tools can affect people’s thinking. Human beings have been dealing with tools for millions of years. Artificial intelligence doesn’t need to “fear” them. If there is no unemployment problem, let it submit to us!

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