Two days before listing, amd suddenly announced the price reduction of Rx 5700 Series graphics cards. The 50th anniversary versions of Rx 5700, RX 5700 XT and Rx 5700 XT were changed to 2699 yuan, 3099 yuan and 3599 yuan respectively, which were reduced by 300 yuan, 500 yuan and 400 yuan respectively compared with the original price.

For this price reduction, amd official explained, “AMD’s goal is to bring excellent game experience to gamers, so that players can experience the best game technology at a very competitive price. GPU market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to solve this problem and bring innovative experience to gamers, we have updated the price of RX 5700 Series graphics cards.”

What has the price of Rx 5700 Series graphics card experienced from the initial pricing to the decision to reduce the price? Today, Scott herkelman, senior vice president of AMD, mentioned in a video interview with hothardware that AMD had previously prepared several options for NVIDIA’s previous strategy for RX 5700 Series graphics cards, and the pricing strategy of the opponent is one of them.

In other words, we can understand that AMD will also predict the strategies that NVIDIA may adopt when launching RX 5700 graphics card. The launch of RTX 20 super graphics card is well known, but in the end, people outside NV do not know its performance and price, so amd also has a variety of preparations.

We are not sure how many plans amd has prepared, and Scott herkelman has not announced all the possibilities. If we extrapolate from the facts, the current situation is to see the competitiveness of RTX 20 super. Amd has also decided to reduce the price of Rx 5700 graphics card, which is also what they expected.

If so, it can explain why the price of AMD in RX Taipei series is somewhat higher than expected when it releases the 5700 series of graphics cards. What’s more, it is prepared for the backstage NVIDA is not giving it the strength, AMD is making more money and more money, NVIDIA suck up, then it will cut the price and grab the computer.

In addition, Scott herkelman also confirmed that he would continue to expand the product line of Rx 5000 Series graphics cards in the future. After all, at present, only RX 5700 and Rx 5700 XT are not enough. The high-end and low-end markets should also be covered. After all, radeon VII graphics cards have been discontinued.

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