With only RX 5700 / 5700xt, it is obviously difficult to meet the needs of a fan and resist the impact of NVIDIA’s rich product line.

However, this week, Rx 5300xt, RX 5500 and other new cards appeared continuously.

The RX 5500 in the gfxbench running sub library only conducted the Manhattan scene test, with an average score of 87.6fps. In contrast, in the same test, Rx 5700xt can get 143.6fps, indicating that the former is very important for dessert positioning.

Amdrx5500 exposure or benchmarking gtx1660

It is expected that the opponent that RX 5500 / 5500xt may aim at is GTX 1660 / 1660 Ti level.

As for the RX 5300 XT mentioned above, it is equipped with HP machines, with more entry-level performance, and it is likely that it is only provided by OEM.

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