The world has suffered for a long time! After a lapse of 13 years, amd finally ushered in a turnaround day: the third generation processor of Ruilong finally appeared! Is the moment of positive rigidity really coming? This time, let’s evaluate the ryzen 7 3700x in the new Ruilong processor series.

Amdr7 3700x evaluation benchmarking i7-9700k touched the butt of i9-9900k

The upgrades brought by the third generation of Ruilong include: core breakthrough from 8 cores to 12 cores, TSMC 7Nm process, breakthrough in the upper frequency limit, support for PCIe 4.0, and significant reduction in power consumption.

Parameter comments: the three generations of raptors have been comprehensively upgraded in terms of core number, dominant frequency and three slows. They have stronger performance and more powerful parameters, but they have not brought too high selling price. The starting price of ryzen 7 3700x is 100 yuan cheaper than that of ryzen 7 2700x. They have enjoyed the first bite from the beginning of the selling price.

Price fragrance is not the beginning. Next, we will enter the performance measurement link.

▼ comparison of default frequency performance

Based on the above comprehensive performance gap table, we can see that the overall performance improvement of ryzen 7 3700x is 16% higher than that of the previous generation ryzen 7 2700x. Compared with the two high-end processors of Intel, its comprehensive performance is 4% weaker than that of i9-9900k. The gap is small, but it can touch the bottom of i9-9900k, Moreover, the i7-9700k is 11% stronger than the contraposition.

The performance improvement is enjoyable, and the temperature and power consumption also need to be considered. After all, the “high frequency and low energy” and large heating power consumption have no practical significance.

▼ comparison of platform power consumption and temperature

Ryzen 7 3700x can’t run to the core after several tests, so we can only use this data for comparison.

When baking a single CPU, the power consumption of the 12 core ryzen 9 3900x is lower than that of the 8-core ryzen 7 2700x. Compared with i9-9900k and i7-9700k, the power consumption of the 7Nm process control is very obvious.

7Nm not only reduces power consumption, but also effectively controls the temperature. The processor temperature of AMD camp is about 65 ° C. the temperature of 12 core ryzen 9 3900x is almost the same as that of 6-core ryzen 5 2600x. The performance of temperature control is amazing.

In the Intel camp, the i9-9900k and i9-9700k nuclear bombs both soared above 90 degrees, and the i9-9900k even hit the 100 ° C mark. Although the frequency is high enough, the high calorific value brought by it can not be ignored. In terms of temperature control, the third generation of Ruilong has completely defeated Intel’s high-end processors.

▼ performance comparison of the same frequency

This test project is set up to reflect the IPC improvement of the third generation of Ruilong.

Compared with the two generation awesome generation, the performance of the Ryzen generation has been greatly improved compared with the two generation of the three generation. Under the same frequency condition, the performance of the single core of the 7 3700X is about 6% higher than that of the Ryzen 7 2700X, and the overall performance is up to 11%. Compared with the same frequency i9-9900K, it is a complete victory, and the IPC upgrade brought by 7Nm is still a bit of a boost.

▼ overclocking capability test

After the press conference, DIY players in various forums were discussing whether there was overclocking space for the third generation of Ruilong, and whether the low-temperature and low-power consumption brought by the 7Nm process could make overclocking a niche game rebirth on the third generation of Ruilong?

After testing, the third generation of Ruilong’s overclocking ability is very weak. It has exceeded the peak, with only 2% ~ 4% performance improvement, so you’d better use it silently.

▼ PCIe 4.0 bandwidth comparison

3dmark has launched a new PCI Express bandwidth test. In this test, we will verify whether the performance of the graphics card and processor will affect the PCIe bandwidth.

The test results are shown in the table above. The result is that only devices that support PCIe 4.0 at the same time (3700x / 3900x with Rx 5700xt / RX 5700) can activate PCIe 4.0 and enjoy the double bandwidth bonus. If any hardware does not support PCIe 4.0, it can only run in PCIe 3.0 bandwidth.

▼ pconline ladder diagram——

The ranking of the two new amd processors is as above. The ryzen 7 3700x is below the i9-9900k, while the ryzen 9 3900x is clamped by the i9-7960x and i9-7920x.

This is only part of the ladder diagram. If you want to see the complete ladder diagram, click here

▼ summary: improved performance, lower price, fragrant!

AMD’s new processor performed very well this time. Although the ryzen 7 3700x benchmarked the i7-9700k, its comprehensive performance not only spanked the i7-9700k, but also touched the bottom of the i9-9900k. You know, the ryzen 7 3800x benchmarked the i9-9900k has not been launched, and it is not impossible to surpass the i9-9900k.

Looking at the selling price, some people have sold the processor driving price to 2155 yuan, which is more than 200 yuan cheaper than the corresponding i9-9700k x fish price of 2399 yuan, and the performance is stronger. Usually, if there is a need to do video work and occasionally play games, ryzen 7 3700x is a super fragrant choice.

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