Amd has released the new rDNA architecture and Navi 10 core RX 5700 Series graphics card, benchmarking RTX 2060 / 2070, but facing the complete product line from top to bottom next door, it is obviously impossible to have only these two products.

Previously, core codes such as Navi 12, Navi 14 and Navi 21 have been excavated in AMD Linux graphics card driver. Obviously, AMD is actively expanding its product lineup, which is expected to be called RX 5600, RX 5500 and Rx 5800 series respectively. Interestingly, sapphire has also registered RX 5600 and other series models in Europe.

Now, in the computebase test database, a new card with device ID 7340: C1 and core number gfx1012 appears, which obviously belongs to Navi family. It detects 24 computing units, that is, 1536 stream processors.

Analysts believe that this new core is Navi 14, which will be matched with 4GB video memory, but it is uncertain whether gddr6 will still be used.

From the perspective of specification and positioning, Navi 14 should replace the old RX 580 / 590 and align with GTX 1660, positioning itself in the mainstream market of 1000 yuan, and its cost performance must be much better than that of its competitors.

Although the stream processor is one-third less than RX 580, the performance of Navi 14 is expected to be better. After all, don’t forget that the core scale of Navi 10 RX 5700 XT is nearly 40% smaller than RX Vega 64, but the performance is better.

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