In June this year, while releasing the third-generation Raptor 3000 series processor, amd also upgraded the desktop Raptor APU to 3000 series. After nearly three months, the new APU was finally sold in China.

There are two new Ruilong Apus, namely, Ruilong 5 3400g and Ruilong 3 3200g. However, unlike the Ruilong 3000 CPU, it does not use the latest 7Nm process and Zen 2 architecture, but 12NM Zen + (14nm Zen in the initial generation) and integrates Vega GPU graphics core.

The Ruilong 5 3400g is a 4-core 8-thread CPU with a reference frequency of 3.7GHz and a maximum acceleration of 4.2ghz, which is 100MHz and 300MHz higher than the previous generation of Ruilong 5 2400g. At the same time, Vega 11704 stream processors are integrated, with a frequency of 1400mhz, an acceleration of 150MHz and a thermal design power consumption of 65W.

In addition to upgrading the process architecture and improving the frequency, the Ruilong 5 3400g also comes with a ghost spire 95w original radiator, uses advanced brazing heat dissipation materials internally, and supports PbO automatic overclocking acceleration technology, which has a lot of room for further improvement.

Amd3000 series APU is sold in China and supports PbO automatic overclocking acceleration technology

Ruilong 3 2200g 4-core 4-thread, CPU frequency 3.6-4.0ghz, speed up 100MHz and 300MHz, integrated Vega 8 512 stream processors, frequency 1250mhz, speed up 150MHz, thermal design power consumption 65W, with ghost steelth 65W radiator.

The domestic starting price of Ruilong 5 3400g is 1199 yuan, while Ruilong 5 2400g is off the shelves at the same time.

Ruilong 5 3200g has not been put on the shelves yet, and Ruilong 3 2200g continues to be sold. At present, it is 649 yuan.


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