In 2017, amd finally took out the Zen architecture processor that has been painstakingly researched and developed for many years, brought Reebok back to the high-performance CPU market, and ended the status of x86 processor as a monopoly. So far, amd has launched three generations of Reebok processors.

It’s worth noting that AMD also has a foundation in the top CPU market. This year’s introduction of the sharp dragon threadriver 3000 series processor uses a 7Nm zen2 architecture, which is remarkable in both process and performance. Not only 24-core and 32-core sharp dragon tr 3860x and tr 3970x, but also 64 core sharp dragon tr 3990x killer next year.

What do amd fans think of AMD’s current R Processor? German 3DCenter recently surveyed more than 5000 game player’s views, especially AMD and Intel’s recent HEDT processors, including IVB-E to the current dragon’s TR 3000 series.

Amd returns to the market of high performance CPU with sharp dragon, ending the state of x86 processor

From the results, the high praise of AMD’s sharp dragon tr series has gone all the way, with only 80.8% of TR 1000 series, 77.9% of TR 2000 series, and 92.9% of current sharp dragon tr 3000 series, and only 2% of total negative views.

However, on the one hand, the praise rate is another thing when it comes to buying interest. The consumer’s purchase interest of the most highly praised Ruilong tr 3000 series is only 13.4%, which is much lower than the 21.6% in the era of Ruilong tr 1000 and tr 2000.

The better the evaluation of the East and the west, the lower the desire to buy, can only explain one problem, that is, the price of the product has increased, which is really the problem of the sharp dragon tr 3000 series. The price of the 32 core sharp dragon tr 3970x has reached US $1999 (the domestic price is RMB 1529999), and the 24 core sharp dragon tr 3960x also costs 1399 US dollars, while core X processor of Intel’s hedt platform has plummeted by 50%, and the highest price has fallen back to 979 US dollars (but the domestic price still reaches 12999 yuan, far higher than the US dollar price).

Frankly speaking, a high price doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. AMD’s sharp dragon tr 3000 series still has a high cost performance. After all, there are competitors in the core number, but amd also needs to pay attention to one problem: in the CPU market with more than $1000, AMD’s current competitors are themselves.

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