According to foreign media reports, amd recently released the Ruilong 4000 series desktop processor, which is equipped with a radon graphics card and adopts 7Nm technology.

According to reports, the Ruilong 4000 series desktop processors are built with 7Nm technology and “Zen 2” core architecture, providing excellent user experience and energy efficiency on the latest amd socket AM4 platform.

Amd released the sharp dragon 4000 series desktop processor, equipped with a radon graphics card, using 7Nm technology

Amd sharp dragon 4000 g series desktop processor with AMD radon graphics card

With the built-in radon (radium dragon) graphics card, consumers can enjoy the fever level game and content creation performance on the PC of the sharp dragon 4000 g series processor brand without using the independent graphics card. The multi thread processing capacity provided by AMD sharp dragon 4700g desktop processor can reach 2.5 times of the previous generation products.

Built in Pro Technology of AMD sharp dragon 4000 Pro series desktop processor

The new amd sharp dragon Pro 4000 series and speeddragon Pro 3000 series desktop processors are designed for modern business environment, providing new standards for modern business PC. With advanced performance and modern security function, it provides multi-layer protection.

Time to market

Amd sharp dragon 4000g series desktop processor is expected to be launched in the third quarter of 2020, and the corresponding complete machine will be launched by OEM partners including Lenovo and HP.

Amd sharp dragon Pro 4000 series desktop processor will be launched on July 21, 2020, and the system integrator will launch the corresponding machine. OEM partner related models will also be launched this autumn.

Closing on Wednesday, AMD( NASDAQ:AMD )The shares rose 8.4% to $61.79, with a total market value of about $72.368 billion.

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