After investigating more than 2700 users, German overclocking expert der8aeur found that only 5.6% of AMD’s flagship processor Ruilong 9 3900x could reach the advertised acceleration frequency (4.6ghz), causing controversy.

At the same time, the media test found that all models of the third generation of Ruilong have only one core, which can ensure the acceleration to the nominal maximum frequency, and must be matched with the latest version of windows 10 v1903 to well schedule multiple core threads of Ruilong.

Amd officials responded that they are preparing a new motherboard BIOS, which will solve the problem of insufficient acceleration and provide additional acceleration performance optimization, and the release time of the new BIOS will be announced on September 10.

Amd official response will issue a new motherboard BIOS to solve the problem of insufficient acceleration

AMD’s official response is as follows:

AMD is very excited about the strong pursuit of PC enthusiasts and game players for the third-generation amd Raptor processor. We have been paying close attention to users’ feedback on our products and know that the acceleration frequency of some third-generation Ruilong processors is lower than expected.

The frequency of processor acceleration depends on many factors, including workload, system design, cooling scheme, etc. After carefully checking the customer feedback, we found a problem in the firmware, which may lead to low acceleration frequency in some cases.

We are making a new BIOS update for our motherboard partners, which will solve this problem and include additional accelerated performance optimization.

We will announce more details on September 10, including the release time of the new BIOS.


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