At this year’s CES 2020, amd released a 64 core threadripper 3990x processor, priced at $3990, and went on sale on February 7.

The 3990x is based on Zen 2 architecture, the main frequency is 2.9ghz, the acceleration is 4.3ghz, and the thermal design power consumption is 280W. Under luxury parameters, the only obvious regret is that there is no downward compatibility. Currently, only trx40 chipset is available.

Regarding the positioning of this processor and other details, the foreign media exchanged views with David McAfee, senior project manager of AMD.

“From my personal point of view, heavy gaming won’t buy the 3990x, although its game performance is still good.”. McAfee suggests that most game enthusiasts can buy a 12 core or 16 core sharp dragon 3000 series processor.

According to McAfee’s suggestion, 3990x is more suitable for professional creative workers, and “128 boxes” can better reflect its advantages in dealing with multi-core intensive tasks such as rendering and video editing.

In fact, McAfee’s statement is very pertinent. If only heap multi-core works, Intel, a friend of the company, dare not claim that the i9-9900ks of 8c16t is the fastest game processor in the world.

Amd executives say the 3990x is more suitable for professional creative workers

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